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to VBAC or not to VBAC?

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PipIsOutNow Mon 10-Oct-11 15:30:41

hello everyone!! hope you're all welland enjoying this extremely shite weather!! I am after some advice and opinions on whether or not to VBAC it!! i ended up having an emergency section on my now 15 month old little boy, because his cord was wrapped round his neck and he was extremely distressed....considering I had planned a waterbirth in some sort of idealistic serene environment (what planet did I live on) this was a great shock to the system. I was quite traumatised by the whole event and it took me ages to get over the fact that I had had all my decisions made for me. however, I am now more open minded and realise that it doesnt really matter HOW he came into the world but that he was and is happy, healthy and safe...

I am looking to start trying to conceive next month so been thinking about whether or not to opt for a VBAC or whether to insist on a elective section...

What would you do in my situation? Was a VBAC the right or wrong decision for you and why? Any advice or insight into an elective after an emergency too? Any replies would be greatly welcomed as I know this is something that will cause me a lot of worry...thank u xx

mavornia Mon 10-Oct-11 17:55:34

Hi Pip
I had an emcs with ds1 after 20 odd hours in labour and failure to progress. I was shattered afterwards, found breastfeeding hard, had awful swelling in my feet which took ages to go down, wound took a good while to heal.

I was really keen to avoid another c-section with ds2 - I was also worried about how I would look after ds1 who was just over 2 yrs old when ds2 was born.

I have Type 1 diabetes and I'm monitored very closely during pregnancy. I knew a c-section was a possibility with ds2 for various reasons but i was keen for a vbac and the hospital was very willing for me to try.

Everything went great with ds2's labour. I had an epidural and got my vbac. I recovered much quicker than with ds1.

I think a big factor in delivering ds2 naturally was that I actually believed I was capable of doing it. Tbh, I don't know if I really pushed with all my might with ds1 (I was worried about doing a poo in front of all the doctors!) and I felt really overwhelmed and scared of the pain.

With ds2, I knew what too expect, I asked for an epidural when I felt I couldn't cope with the pain any longer, I pushed for all I was worth and the midwife was very empowering. Knowing that she thought I could actually push my baby out gave me the strength to go for it.

DS3 is due on Christmas Day - hoping for a natural delivery (but of course if it ends up a c-section and a healthy baby I'll be more than happy).

Good luck!

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