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Tell me about your home births please!!!!

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PreggoEggo Sat 08-Oct-11 22:37:28

Preggo with bambino 3, had both my babies in the hospital, one epidural one natural (no time for drugs! damn).
I have since moved and I dont want to go to a hospital I dont know and havent heard much about (also hate hospitals/clinical environments).
Very much toying with a home birth as I feel I would be more relaxed. Obviously the pain side terrifies me completely, but my second was sooo fast (2 hours 23 min) that it frightened me and I felt out of control. Im thinking that if Im prepared to have it at home, I wont be so frightened.

My mother is horrified at the IDEA of a home birth. What if something goes wrong blah blah

Who's done it? Would you change anything if you are doing it again? Did you have a birthing pool? Gas and air? etc etc!!!!

OliviaTwist Sat 08-Oct-11 22:51:51

I wouldn't change anything with either of my hbs.

1. Planned HB: total labour from 1st twinge to delivery 16 hours. Waterbirth in the living room, no G&A even. FAB-U-LOUS.

2. Unplanned HB: 23 hours of irregular contractions, 1/2 hour labour proper, delivered in the living room into the hands of a v surprised paramedic who had just arrived. Even better than #1!

BadDayAtTheOrifice Sun 09-Oct-11 00:37:08

Wouldn't change a thing either.
DC1 planned HB 12 hour labour, 3 hours really fierce, Midwife only there an hour before birth.
DC2 4 hour labour,only the last 30 mins really hurt, midwife there for the last half hour.
I don't know how women contemplate leaving their home during labour, I just had to stay in a dark room on my own and was completely away with the fairies.....
Best bit was all snuggling up together in bed afterwards, couldn't beat that.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 09-Oct-11 01:47:55

Preggo - you could almost be me. Ds1 was born in hospital - long labour, epidural and about as natural as a Gregg's sausage roll (birth not baby). I don't like hospitals and couldn't relax until we got home (did 6hr discharge).

DS2 - hospital, born so fast we didn't make the labour ward. Had to stay in for 3 days and again felt out of it until we got home.

DS3 - home birth, not as fast as DS2 but we were at home, in comfort. Midwife was a friend of mine (hi Sandy if you're around here still) and it was just the best thing I ever did. I co-slept with him, so 3 hours after he was born his dad, me and him were snuggled up in bed together, and in the morning Dses 1 and 2 came in of their own accord to meet their new brother. Utterly lovely.

lulalullabye Sun 09-Oct-11 02:48:30

I agree. Dd2 planned home birth. Twinge to birth 5 hrs. Midwife 10 mins before birth. Two hours after birth all snuggled on sofa!
No pain relief, didn't need it. Loved it!!!
Do loads of research so you can stand your ground when people ask you why you are being so stupid!

PinkFondantFancy Sun 09-Oct-11 03:23:12

DD was a planned homebirth-born in the birthing pool in the dining room 12 hours after first twinges. First baby, 98th centile head circumference, no g&a even. Amazing experience!

I'd recommend reading 'homebirth: a practical guide' for a pretty good explanation of the perceived risks and mitigants.

spiderslegs Sun 09-Oct-11 04:57:12

Do it, if that's what you want, planned HB with DC1, foiled, as went in to Obs appointment at 38 wks, stood up in the waiting room, waters broke, was ushered in to see the Obs reg, 5cm dilated so was taken through to the birthing suite, three quite calm hours later DS came along - BUT THEY DID MAKE ME PUSH TOO SOON, fine though, no stitches, just G & A.

DC2, HB planned, was advised to call as soon as I felt a twinge as I was dilating with DC1 quite calmly & with no prior warning, had 'little twinges' at 37+1, called the MW, she came round about 10am, had a look, 5cm again, told me to call again when contratctions were regular, told me we were going to have a baby that day.

Pottered about, not much doing, gentle contractions all day, nothing to raise an eyebrow, called her back around 3pm. She had a look was about 8cm so called the other MW, we all sat & watched a film for a bit (Three Colours Trilogy I think), ate pizza, they got a bit bored, had a lookie, still 8cm, still gentle contractions, I popped in the bath to give them something to do, had a wallow, popped out about 8pm, they had another look, got a bit pissed off with me as was still 8cm, asked me if they could break my waters as the membrane was bulging with each contraction.

I was a little unsure as it just felt as though things were plodding on fine, asked if I could take an hour, they said yes, pottered about some more, had some toast & tea (& maybe a small whisky to fortify myself), said yes to the membrane pierce.

Lay on the sitting room floor with many pads underneath me, little hook up the fanjo, gushed & pee'd on the floor.

About 10 large contractions with me standing naked & being terribly concerned about the turd repeatedly emerging & disappearing before it finally emerged on DH's foot, followed seconds later by DD.

No pushing, my body just, it's very difficult to explain, gathered itself, really tightly, like nothing else I'd ever experienced & then expelled, & there she was, between my legs.

MWs were sitting back, rushed over, sat me back & eased the rest of her out, popped her on me, placenta out minutes later.

Ten minutes later, I was on the sofa with a cup of tea & some toast & DD suckling whilst the MWs cleaned up all the mess, 20 mins later my friend brought DS back & DH put him to bed.

It was lovely, can't reccomend it enough.

spiderslegs Sun 09-Oct-11 05:03:48

Oh & no pool, G & A for about five mins after they broke the membrane (more because I was scared of any pain then any pain that actually happened, I stood up & stopped the G & A after a couple of contractions.)

TheLaminator Sun 09-Oct-11 05:28:20

Planned home water birth for both my DSs. First plan scuppered, long labour, exhaustion & difficulty getting strong heart rate in water.......tranfared to hospital, everything went smoothly from there.
DD2 born at home after 3 hours REALLY strong labour (was a little overwhelmed at first at speed & intensity, but was reasured & encouraged by wonderful doula & friend) Husband ran around & filled waterpool in livingroom, beatiful music candles & relaxing imagaes of our favorite beach - I never made it out of the bedroom!! Two year old woke at regualr time in the morning, he wasnt disturbed at all by curfufle in the house, pottered in to our room just intime to see my waters break, he said calmly, `dont worry mum, i`ll help you to the loo` sweet smile Mum collected DD1 after his breakfast & DD2 was born 20mins later on our bed, midwives got there just in time, one puff of gas & air and, pop, literally POP he was here. Placenta delivered straight away.
DD2 latched straight away and we snoozed and cuddled for hours on OUR bed, and bathed at leisure in OUR bath, perfect. We all had a family bath in the birthpool when our toddler came home to meet his bro a couple of hours later.
Would recommend it to anyone, good luck smile

TheLaminator Sun 09-Oct-11 05:31:13

sorry, thats DSs all the way through, i have boys, doh. it is very early/late, only on here due to a co-sleeping night feed eviction............

Loopymumsy Sun 09-Oct-11 06:49:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lulalullabye Sun 09-Oct-11 08:14:55

I would second the aims book and also a book about a woman who gave birth in a water storage tank in the US. Sounds bizarre but I got a lot about the whole psychological process from that which really helped me smile

lagrandissima Sun 09-Oct-11 08:29:16

Attempted HB for DC1 - transferred to hospital in an ambulance after 2hrs pushing (think I was very tired, as had been in established labour for about 7 hours at this stage and had been unable to keep any food down). Was all very exciting. Lived about 10mns from the hospital - when journey completed at 80mph smile. Failed ventouse in hospital, followed by spinal in preparation for CS and doctor informing me that I could have one crack at forceps delivery before the CS - which focused my mind (!) and we managed (between us) to push/pull out a 10lb baby. 3rd degree tear, fairly long recovery (felt like I'd been in a car crash).

DC2 born at home. Labour began at 6am(ish). Phoned midwife at 6.30am, went upstairs to lie down at 7.30am on advice of my own mother, who'd come to help. MW arrived at 7.45 as baby crowning, delivered 10mns later. No pain relief apart Entenox whilst MW re-stitching a 2nd degree tear. Had a shower, BF baby in own bed, up and about that afternoon. All went well - but had my own mum not been present, it might have been more difficult as DH good at head end, but not so keen on the business end, and MW only arrived at last minute (16 mile trip for her on a snowy morning). Finally got the homebirth I had wanted.

Ultimately, you have to weigh up all the factors - support at home, distance from MW/hospital, your own health, position of the baby, previous history - and make your choice. In many ways the HB experience was positive (being in your own - clean - environment, being able to have other siblings come home to a new brother/sister, the comfort of your own tea & toast and a hot shower when you're ready), not being shunted about from one over-subscribed hospital ward to another corridor/car journey) but at the end of the day, the most important thing is having a good outcome for yourself and your baby.

Boobz Sun 09-Oct-11 08:50:41

Hello Preggoeggo. We have a very supportive homebirthers thread on here if you want to join us?

Homebirth thread

DD1 born after a 3 day and night latent stage, at home leaning over the sofa. Was absolutely knackered by the end of it, but was fabulous and was high for days afterwards. G&A and used pool for labouring in, but got out to push.

DD2 born much quicker this time around, started contractions at about 8am and born by 6pm. Again, G&A, and all snuggled up in our own bed about an hour after she was born.

Am due DC3 in March - another homebirth for me on the cards.

Don't be scared - your body is designed to do this. I wouldn't change anything for my second birth, would have had a much shorter latent stage for my first thank you very much!

pootlebug Sun 09-Oct-11 10:31:08

First birth - in hospital with gas & air and Pethidine.

Second birth - at home with just a birth pool.

I honestly found the 2nd less painful and difficult. Length of labour was about the same time in both cases. I would be very happy to have number 3 without gas & air and pethidine but would hate the idea of doing it without a pool.

If for some reason I changed to being higher risk I'd happily go to hospital. But for low-risk pregnancy, I'd rather be at home, with more 1-to1 attention from a midwife, and able to get straight into my own bed after.

PreggoEggo Sun 09-Oct-11 12:36:27

You are all so fabulous thank you so much I have been really excited reading your replies. I will definitely go and look at the home birth thread (why am i so blind i couldnt see one??).

Obvious questions though- the mess??? we are in a rented house, with new carpets....! so am a bit worried about all the gunk everywhere?

Also pool- do you have to fill it up when you go into labour, what if it isnt full in time?? Im sure these questions/answers are posted on other thread so will looksie later x

BadDayAtTheOrifice Sun 09-Oct-11 12:53:49

All my 'mess' was contained in one of those big pad things, wasn't difficult to tidy up. The midwives did it all while I wallowed in my bath afterwards. They even changed my bed sheets (and I didn't give birth in my bed)!

Boobz Sun 09-Oct-11 12:55:18

Since you are a fast labourer, just fill it up at the first sign.

The mess is either all contained in the pool, or soaked up by inko pads + shower curtain / sheet type thing on the floor. We didn't have one splodge of blood, amniotic fluid or after birth anywhere on the cream carpets...

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sun 09-Oct-11 13:56:58

i had a fab hb on thursday. smile

Did natal hypnotherapy which i think really helped. Was suprised when mw arrived and said i was 7-8cm (my first labour was really long so thought i was still miles off). Had only just popped on tens but ditched that and jumped in pool. (hire a large heated one if poss). That was amazing. Dd arrived 1.5 hrs after mw (one minute before the cake dh was making!). I didn't push, she came out in two ctx, no stitches.

I didn't dare imagine it would be as good as it was.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sun 09-Oct-11 14:01:13

the advantage of a heated pool is you can fill at the first hint and leave ticking over, rather than then having to empty some out and top up with kettles till the correct temp. I knew dh would find all that stressfull so threw some money at it and was worth every penny!

nannyl Sun 09-Oct-11 15:42:08

i had a natal hypnotherapy planned home birth with my 1st 3 weeks ago.

amazing, have copied my birth story from earlier thread

I have always been of the opinion that giving birth is natural / normal / part of life that the whole human race has done before etc, so when i herd about "hypnobirthing" I knew it was something i wanted to try, and i fell into the "natal hypnotherapy" version, when i found one of the CDs and the NCT nearly new sale
I liked it, bought the book, and read it cover to cover, and was positive about birth (and planning a homebirth) from before even being pregnant.

The CD's and the book just confirmed to me that there was nothing to worry about, and i didnt.

I wondered if these "pains" could be contractions at about 1330, but wasnt sure.... had some lunch, made some bread, then went upstairs and listened to my CD again. I realised they probably were contractions, but were NOT unbearable or anything.... i just breathed and they were gone again.

called daddy and hospitsl at 1530.(only called hospital as my midwife said please call before 4.30 if in doubt so community midwife on call could not be called out a few moments after getting home, otherwise id have waited longer)

Midwife called me at 1600.... all fine.. i made some flap jack
1700 OH home and TENS machine on level 1

we had some tea

she called back at 1900, by which time i was having to lean on table and breath during my conctractions... 4 mins ish apart, 45 seconds long.

1915 i wanted to be alone, so while OH filled my pool, i went up to my bedroom, put down blackout blind, and just laboured by myself if pitch black room... all fine, very relaxed, calm and silent

2130 i vomited so decided to call hospital to let them know.... midwife called me back and said she'd come round. Was relieved she was coming but not desperate...

2200 ish midwife arrived... brings in stuff etc etc
starts to do her stuff at 2210 ish i think.... so we wait for gaps between contractions for her to do pulse / BP / examine me...

probably examined me at 2220... 7cm....

went to loo 1 last time (I think i had transition on the loo! i made a aggghhhh noise!) and tried to make it downstairs which i did just...

Pool too hot so knelt on sofa....
waters went
4 contractions later she was out at 2237.

No pain-relief except TENS which by birth was up to level 4 and on boost for duration of the birth!

Much faster than i imagined possible, and i had no time for my pool / birth music / to be naked (which were all crucial parts of my birth plan for me!) but im sure the saying "breathing in golden light (for the count of 4) breathing out releasing tension (for the count of 6)" made each contraction only last 4 breaths...

all completely manageable and not really painful at all.

My 2 stitches (with about 10 puffs of gas and air) were far far worse than the birth itself.

I cannot recommend the CDs enough..... and birth was so much better than even i had ever imagined, and i think i was pretty certain everything would be fine!

it was FAB. i had brioche after, a bath in my nice clean bath, and spent the night in my kinsize bed with OH.
midwives are my gp visited me in my bedroom

i had lots of people tell me i was mad / stupid, but had i chosen anything else baby would have been born in the car shock, and for a low risk pg a planned homebirth is thesafest option, ultimately mum and baby are less likely to die at a planned home birth then anywhere else....

go for it grin

lagrandissima Mon 10-Oct-11 12:10:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsHuxtable Mon 10-Oct-11 13:21:03

I really want a home birth now after reading all these lovely stories! Does anyone know when I would have to make a final decision? Will only see a midwife again in 7 weeks by which time I will 30 weeks.

nannyl Mon 10-Oct-11 13:54:22

you can make the final decision when in labour if you like smile

many midwives wont do all the paperwork and make it official until around 37 weeks anyway, but even if the paper work hasnt been done you can still have a home birth if thats what you want.

i planned a homebirth from before being pregnant and told midwife my home birth intentions at booking appt (and every appt afterwards) but they dont book in before as its a lot of paperwork and no point wasting time if you have baby early etc

MrsHuxtable Mon 10-Oct-11 13:57:19

thanks for the reply. I have just posted on the "First time home birthers thread" and am wondering if you can answer some of my other questions as well.
I really love your birth story btw!

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