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Do you think I will have a faster labour?

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heartmoonshadow Sat 08-Oct-11 13:47:05

This is a really daft question, I have heard that 2nd time births are faster than first time. The query is that last time I had an induced labour which all in all took about 10hours start to finish with the drip and and epidural. So I really don't know how fast I would have been without these - I am really worried that I may not even have a chance to gather myself properly this time if I go into spontaneous natural birth and I just wonder if anyone else had a 2nd birth after induction without medical intervention and if so how long did it take.

Sorry if this is non-sensical but my brain is fried today!

sooz3101 Sat 08-Oct-11 16:31:57

Hi,I had my 1st at 36 weeks,I had pre eclampsia and was induced,from start to finish it was 2 hours and 25 mins!My second I went into labour myself and I had an epidural which slowed it all down by abt an hour,so from start to finish was 4 hours.
I was worried before I had my third as we live an hour away from the hospital,this was the quickest and we had only been at the hospital 10 mins before she was born,no time for pain relief...wnich was pretty awful but I must say my recovery was so much quicker without any drugs in me!
Hope all goes well for you.Im sure you will have plenty of time when it all kicks off x

claricestar Sat 08-Oct-11 19:23:56

my first was at 41+3 and took nearly 24 hours, was induced with a drip and had an epidural. My second was spontaneous at 40+5 and was just over 2 hours start to finish, just gas and air for second stage. Expecting my third and hoping for another easy experience like my second!

carolinemoon Sun 09-Oct-11 19:17:02

I was induced at 38 weeks with dd1, 12 hours start to finish. Was waiting to be induced at 39 weeks with dd2 when labour started (had had a sweep). Was just over 2 hours from contractions starting to delivery.

heartmoonshadow Sun 09-Oct-11 19:46:56

OMG that is scary it looks like overwhelmingly the 2nd only took a couple of hours or so that is troubling as if I go into labour naturally first I have to identify what a contraction really is (last time I had drip and epi at the same time and felt nothing at all!), then I have to get childcare sorted both brothers live 30 mins away and dad lives 1hr 40mins so that will be a no go. And we are 20 mins from hospital. Hmm may have to ask the neighbours to have DS until brothers can take over. Oh well I have a long time until end of April I will talk it over with consultant when I see her.

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