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What happens at Perineal clinic? Third degree tear

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anyideatall Sat 08-Oct-11 01:08:35

I had a third degree tear and was told that I would be sent an appointment for the Perineal clinic at around 3 months. Unfortunately I had to leave the country and so didnt do this. What generally happens at this clinic appointment?

KellyKettle Sat 08-Oct-11 01:18:09

They check your scar, go through a lifestyle questionnaire to assess healing and any problems you might have ongoing.

They ask about sex, holding in pee/poo/wind, on-going pain and possibly contraception.

They insert finger up your bum to check muscle strength if you tore through an anal sphincter (3rd degree +).

They discuss subsequent births and makes recommendation for mode of delivery and record it in your notes.

Refer you for extra tests or maybe physio if any of the above indicates you're not where they'd expect you to be.

That's broadly what happened in mine. It was quite thorough really.

Have you healed ok? No pain, no loss of control etc?

anyideatall Sat 08-Oct-11 01:31:12

I think I healed well. No pain or loss of control at all. Have not had sex yet (still a little wary) although am starting to get libido back so may do so. Have no even looked at scar myself, a b it scared to.

No one has checked the scar yet, midwife only looked at stitches once and said they were fine.

KellyKettle Sat 08-Oct-11 01:35:19

You might be fine then, it doesn't sound like you have a reason to worry about missing your appointment.

I hadn't had sex by my clinic appointment either. I recall feeling sick when she said it was fine to have sex again.I had no libido and like you, felt scared.

I also didn't look at my scar for well over a year do don't worry about that, you've no need to. When I did I was surprised at how small it was.

anyideatall Sat 08-Oct-11 01:42:46

Thanks for that, makes me feel much better. I will wait and see and if I do have any problems ask for a referral then.

KellyKettle Sat 08-Oct-11 01:45:08


Catspersonalbanker Sat 08-Oct-11 12:18:09

They also check your pelvic floor muscle tone. I thought mine was ok but they have referred me for specialist physio anyway.

If you feel that you would want it, I'd recommend going back to them as the it sthe longer term implications of this damage that are the concern.

Zimbah Sat 08-Oct-11 20:36:22

My appointment was a lot less detailed than that. I was asked if I had any problems with bladder/bowel continence. Had a quick look at the scar but no physical exam, thank goodness as I was really stressed about that.

I've subsequently got a referral for specialist physio but was able to do that by calling the labour ward.

The scar might not look as bad as you fear - I can hardly see mine because it's just a straight line down. It's not the prettiest part of the body anyway!

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