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What if you go in to labour before a planned c-section??

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welliesandpyjamas Sun 02-Oct-11 19:29:11

title says it all, really grin

Just wondering what happens. Do you just get put in the queue for the next available c-section and hope it doesn't take too long? Does it then technically become an emergency c-section?

MrsLovely Sun 02-Oct-11 19:32:45

Well I don't know about anyone else, but when it happened to me I ended up giving birth to my breech baby in the theatre!

They tried to get me ready for an emergency c- section but the baby was having none of it, out she popped, bottom first, surrounded by begowned surgeon, anaesthetist, DP etc...., with me trying to stay on a narrow operating trolley!

DaisySteiner Sun 02-Oct-11 19:35:04

Pretty much as you've said. If fetal heart rate is OK, it will probably be classed as a category 3 emergency c-section, ie. it needs to be done fairly soon but they won't be running down the corridors to do it. If baby is unhappy they will expedite it depending on severity of situation.

LoopyLoopsPussInBoots Sun 02-Oct-11 19:36:20

Everyone told me that was what would happen, but it didn't.

I went into slow labour on the Monday night. Went to hospital and they wanted me to try for a VBAC I didn't want to but wasn't desperate enough to be forceful. Same happened on the Tuesday. By Thursday morning I was so tired and upset, that (following the advice and thanks to the support of some wonderful MNers) went in and insisted that I be examined by a consultant (hadn't seen one the whole time, bear in mind I was high risk post-stillbirth). Consultant examined me, found bleeding and I had an EMCS there and then.

So, not meaning to freak you out, but here is my advice.

1. Think now about if you are prepared to try for a VBAC but tell them you will not.
2. If the time comes, you then still have the full options.
3. Tell your DP that he is not to pressurise you in any way and if you are indecisive or change your mind either way, he is to listen to you and insist on that course of action with the medical staff.
4. If you do not want a VBAC, go straight to hospital and be very clear that you will not try for a VBAC and you don't want to wait to progress.
5. Cry. They seem to listen to crying.

Sorry if that is frightening, the chances are it won't happen and if it does it will go swimmingly, but please prepare yourself.

Hopalongcassidy Sun 02-Oct-11 19:37:52

I went into labour a week before planned CS following complications. Straight into hospital in the middle of the night, staff checked me ou, told me to stay as still as possible (no walking around) and put me first on the list for the day's planned sections.

Technically it was classed as an emergency section, but there are 4 categories and was classed as the lowest of the 4. It was quite calm actually and all felt organised. Good luck

welliesandpyjamas Sun 02-Oct-11 20:34:33

I seeeeee! Thanks for all the interesting replies. Thanks in particukar for your experiences. This is my third, both other babies were emergency c-sec, and I was told as I was being stitched up last time never to bother with vbac again. So hopefully there'll be something along those lines in my records. Dunno.

How do they give you the planned c-sec date? My first was late and my secind was can they work out when to plan a c-sec to pre ede natural labour?

WidowWadman Sun 02-Oct-11 21:52:03

Depends on trust policy. My hospital gives 39+0 as earliest date, so that's what I went for with my ELCS, and worrying (needlessly) all the way that I wouldn't make it that far, because my first child was early.

The reason why they don't like to do it earlier than that is that the risk of respiratory problems in the child sinks significantly from 39+0 onwards

welliesandpyjamas Sun 02-Oct-11 22:18:38

Thanks. Was googling earlier and 39 weeks was coming up a lot as usual too. And yes, thinking about it, any earlier would feel wrong, not to mention the obvious medical reasons.

medicmommy Sun 02-Oct-11 23:26:14

You have to speak to your GP in advance, he will know what to do. I knew I was high risk etc. I have been seeing an OB and have just been given my c-section date for the end of the month.
I would assume you would need to meet your obstetrician at least once before he cuts you?

My OB said if I go into labour before the cs date then it would be an emergency cs.

WantsToBeAMan Mon 03-Oct-11 03:57:46

But what if you go into labour spontaneously before 39 weeks? The baby has to come out either way-natural or c section.

I can understand not wanting to have a planned c section before 39 weeks- that is totally valid. But if you go into labour, the baby will come out anyway and you may need a c section anyway!

coccyx Mon 03-Oct-11 04:28:48

I was told to make way to maternity ward if I suspected I was in labour and they would assess me.
never happened!

kblu Mon 03-Oct-11 07:30:53

This was one of my questions at my birth de-brief and the midwife told me that if I had a planned C section then I would still have a c-section if I went into labour before my planned date. I suppose depending on the reason you are having the planned C section in the first place will depend on how urgent they class you as being if you go into labour early.

fruitybread Mon 03-Oct-11 18:24:31

My waters broke 10 days before my planned C section. Luckily I had asked the MW 'what if', and followed her excellent advice. Which was - go in as soon as you suspect something may be happening (show, waters breaking, pains, etc) - ignore any standard advice about staying at home to 'wait and see', or take a warm bath and paracetamol etc.

You basically want to avoid a scenario (assuming you want a C section) where things progress so fast that a C section isn't an option. This is pretty rare but can happen, obvs. There's a thread about it on the board atm.

I was assessed, told to come back the next day, and simply had my C section when there was space in the theatre. I had a bit of a wait! but was not in labour, not uncomfortable, so it was only having to be nil by mouth for a long time that was a bit of a trial.

It is worth discussing with your MW, and also recording what your preferences are. My MW was aware of my personal circumstances, why I was having the CS, and was very supportive. I actually had it written in my notes that I wasn't prepared to give VB 'a go', and she said if any MWs on duty pressurised me in this way, to refer them to my notes and tell them they'd have the Head MW to answer to if they carried on!

welliesandpyjamas Mon 03-Oct-11 19:23:26

Good advice, fruitybread. Thank you. I do definitely want a c-sec this time and will not hesitate to be firm a out it. Neither will DH!

feelingratheroverwhelmed Mon 03-Oct-11 21:00:33

Just posted on the other thread as I'm afraid I won't make my ELCS sate. fruitybread that is excellent advice. As I said on the other thread, I'm afraid the unit will make me get to a point where labour will have progressed so far there won;t be time to get in for my cection, but I am absolutely adamant that it is what I want and will not be bullied!!!!

HappyHugs Tue 04-Oct-11 20:30:55

Hi Wellies, like you I had 2 c sections and planned a third but went into labour at 37+weeks and baby was very very quick, born in theatre with no time even for epidural but all was well and he's a happy little 7 month old now. Good luck!

harrygracejessica Tue 04-Oct-11 20:42:21

Had a planned c-sec at 39+1 with my first then went into prem labour with twins at 33 weeks and they kept me hanging on for 2 days to get steroids in me (was going to be planned for 37 weeks), then last time prem labour again, with twins again at 36+5 and was in theatre within 4 hours of being there. Both twins were PROM and I went straight in both times.

Georgimama Tue 04-Oct-11 20:50:19

I had ELCS with DD at 39 weeks due to 3rd degree tear in previous VB and breech. I agreed if I went into labour before 39 weeks I would go for VB only if progress was swift and she had turned. They were happy with this and it was recorded in my birth plan. The ELCS was booked in for 39 weeks to the day - they don't like to do them earlier due to potential lung problems (although my SIL in Oz had ELCS at 38 weeks and baby was completely fine).

Georgimama Tue 04-Oct-11 20:51:39

Oh yes, agree with whoever said up thread that if you think you are in labour go straight into delivery suite - no fannying about with seeing how it goes etc.

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