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Contractions stopping and starting at 36w

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Velvetcu Wed 28-Sep-11 11:30:28

I don't know if anyone can help me but here goes. I'm 36+1 with my first. On Saturday morning I woke up at 6am with contractions 30mins apart and around 10s each. These progressed throughout the day to 6pm, 10mins apart 40s each. They stayed this way til about 1 am when they gradually disappeared and had completely gone by 10am Sunday.

Then nothing but a few strong Braxton hicks.

Then last night at 10pm, 30mins apart, 20s each. Was woken up at 1 am, 8mins apart, 50s each. Stayed that way til 5am when they gradually disappeared and now nothing at all.

No show nor have waters gone. WTF is going on?

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 28-Sep-11 13:15:36

It's just warm up labour and possibly you're body's way of getting your baby into an optimal position. It can do this for weeks - sorry.

Try to make sure you get plenty of rest and try as best you can to get on as normal.

And really try hard not to go to hospital until you have them very regular and consistent, as it is likely if you can just hold out until you KNOW (and you most probably will) it should be an easy peasy birth due to all the practice and toning.

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