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ecs in Kingston hospital

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sputnik2 Tue 27-Sep-11 20:03:06

Still hanging on, the consultant was happy to push the ecs until next week as baby doing well in the tummy (still breach though...).

A few more questions- maybe someone out there can help:
- what are the chances in Kingston hosp of getting a single room afterwards and/or booking an amenity room? (and not being asked to leave it in the middle of the night...)
- how does it work logistically- if I'm not supposed to move (and remove the catheter) in the first night and partners are not allowed to stay overnight, how will we go about feeding? a) let baby starving and crying b) parter taking baby home and straight onto formula c) no idea??
- if it is not possible to get a private room, can I discharge myself after 1 night (I rather lie in my own bed than in a shared room)?

Getting really panicky now about the whole thing...

QTPie Tue 27-Sep-11 20:45:22


Things vary from hospital to hospital...

Generally, most Consultants like a CS patient to be in for 48 hours (to keep an eye out for complications), BUT I have heard of ELCS patients being discharged after 24 hours at my local hospital. You would want to stay until they are happy to discharge you.

If you need help during the night, you ring the call bell and a MW will (eventually) come and help you.

If you have a private room, your partner MIGHT be able to stay with you (big might!). Some hospitals will allow it - especially if they are stretched for staff and it means that they wont have to answer your call bell as much....


Demiwave Tue 27-Sep-11 20:55:00

Hi, can't really answer your specific questions but my cousin recently had an ecs at Kingston and said what a wonderful experience the birth was. Good luck.

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