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pelvic girdle pain and induction

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Milliebow Mon 26-Sep-11 11:14:23

I'm 41 plus 2 at the moment with dc 1 and having had quite bad pgp from 20 weeks have always planned on a waterbirth. Due to this and various other things also planned home birth. After seeing physio was able to ditch crutches and pain has been a lot better until last 2 weeks. Now getting gradually worse. So bad yesterday that couldn't walk downstairs but better so far today.

My worry now is having to go in for induction due to post dates- am booked for term plus 14 on saturday. Have had one sweep - cervix soft effaced but barely admitting one finger and posterior. Have another booked for Wednesday. Just looking for experiences/advice really. Worried about worsening of pgp if I need an epidural to cope with inc pain of induction and therefore end up delivering on back. Same with need for continuous monitoring. Has anyone been induced with pgp? How did it go?

dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 12:25:51

watching with interest as likely to be induced at 40+2 for low platelets and also have SPD/PGP, also if they drop further won't be allowed an epidural (not fancying induction without that option....eekkk?!)

Good luck

buttonmoon78 Mon 26-Sep-11 13:32:30

I've been induced twice because of my spd. Both at 38wks. I didn't have an epidural the first time (op labour and birth - ouch) but I did last time.

Actually, the epidural was great. I delivered in a semi recumbent position and had stirrups but they positioned them so my calves were resting on them (so I couldn't push against them) and only about 18" apart.

Both times everyone was hyper aware of my spd and dh was great about making sure nothing untoward happened.

Milliebow Mon 26-Sep-11 18:00:18

Thanks buttonmoon. Have to say epidural pain relief does sound good. Worried about over stretching etc without realising. Have briefed DH on this though. How quickly did your spd resolve after birth?

Milliebow Mon 26-Sep-11 18:03:49

Thanks buttonmoon. Have to say epidural pain relief does sound good. Worried about over stretching etc without realising. Have briefed DH on this though. How quickly did your spd resolve after birth?

dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 18:31:56

oh godness - hope i don't lose another 13 platelets or no epidural...........trying not to panic this end!

notcitrus Mon 26-Sep-11 18:50:02

I don't know about induction but I had an epidural as somehow my pgp got even worse in labour (apparently this is extremely rare!), and MrNC and MWs were great at propping me up on pillows so I was semi-seated, and even hauling me onto arms and knees to push.
The pgp went within two weeks of birth, though I then had to build up all my muscles over the next couple months.

I'd be happy to have an epidural again if labour takes ages/makes pgp worse.

buttonmoon78 Mon 26-Sep-11 18:50:34

millie almost immediately. Seriously, within days I was about 95% better. I am now 10wks down the line second time and feel normal. And for what its worth, it was better the second time as I knew what to expect and did the right things sooner.

dribble is the platelet thing something you have no control over?

dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 19:47:06

button - no control at all. Something to do with dilution of blood due to increased blood flow. eating healthy can help but do that, had low platelets with DS but not this low. Only a week to go so hoping they don't drop!

buttonmoon78 Mon 26-Sep-11 21:43:22

Sending you platelet increasing vibes...

dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 21:46:08

thanks grin

Milliebow Tue 27-Sep-11 07:25:16

Sorry for double post earlier.

Thanks buttonmoon, that is really positive. The physio and mw have been a bit doom and gloom about the spd. The pelvic network site seems to focus on the negatives as well and how little the hospital site are aware of it.

Notcitrus sounds like you had a positive experience as well. Obviously not keen about induction but knowing how you guys got on with epidural helps a lot.

Dribbleface- sending platelet upping vibes your way. Really hope the talk of epidurals hasn't made you feel worse. Hopefully if dilutional then shouldn't be a reason for them to drop more before then. Also13 can be quite a big amount to drop when you get down into the lower numbers with platelets as far as I'm aware. Have you had chance to discuss your options with an anaesthetist? Take it they are the ones saying no epidurals if they stop more?

MightilyOats Thu 29-Sep-11 10:19:52

Dribbleface - can't verify this, but my yoga teacher said that humming(!) was supposed to increase red blood cell production - might be worth a try?

dribbleface Thu 29-Sep-11 16:04:50

willing to give anything try! thanks.

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