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Raspberry leaf tea, 39+2days, should I bother....

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Irishclaire Thu 22-Sep-11 17:22:37

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light as to whether I am wasting my time. Just discovered raspberry leaf tea to aid labour but seems like you need to start drinking it much earlier for it to have any effect, anyone heard anything different....?

jammyscone Thu 22-Sep-11 18:37:41

I've read a few different things about when you're supposed to start drinking it. I only really started at 37 weeks. It's not going to hurt to start drinking it now, at any rate.

Elderberries Fri 23-Sep-11 09:45:43

I have my doubts it does a lot before you are almost ready to go anyway.

xlatia Fri 23-Sep-11 10:52:47

MW said I could start any time I like, it's not going to trigger anything prematurely anyway, so started drinking it last weekend, i.e. at 36 weeks, and immetiately noticed the baby becoming more active, as if he knew something was going on. Stopped for two days and he calmed down again.

So why not have a go and see what it does for you brew

LDNmummy Fri 23-Sep-11 11:14:41

I'm making the trip to Holland and Barrett today for some. I am 38+2 and didn't realise people started drinking it much earlier till I read another thread about it on here last night.

This one.

Apparently the capsules are stronger which is interesting. I'm gonna stick with the tea because I want my LO to come when she is good and ready. I just don't want her camping out in there for an extra two weeks either grin

peterpan99 Fri 23-Sep-11 11:26:38

i drank it in my final weeks, and it made me physically sick! not saying that it would do the same to you obviously, but just a warning.

Fleecy Fri 23-Sep-11 12:49:57

I used capsules from 36 weeks with DD and she arrived at 37+1. So I did the same with DS, thinking I'd get another nicely timed arrival and went 4 days overdue.

Am therefore not entirely convinced but as it can't do any harm, you might as well, surely?

Irishclaire Fri 23-Sep-11 13:51:37

Thanks, i've decided to give it a go, don't think it will do any harm, having three cups a day and quite like it. I've also put some in an ice cube tray to suck on, i've been craving cold things, wouldn't be worried if baby came out a few days early just as long as they don't decide they want to stay in there for too long either....

jammyscone Fri 23-Sep-11 14:40:07

It's not meant to bring on labour anyway, it's supposed to help strengthen your womb so it contracts more efficiently, as I understand it?

Fleecy Fri 23-Sep-11 15:20:46

Ah okay - well in that case definitely - 4hrs active labour with my first, 2hrs10 with the second so worked a treat!

Haven't had it this time though...

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