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Sweep on Friday, show on Saturday and some contractions - then NOTHING!!

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Minnieheehee Mon 19-Sep-11 11:02:24

Subject line says it all, Midwife says its perfectly normal and things may kick off in own time, am due to have another sweep tomorrow morning. Have drank gallons of raspberry leaf tea, bathed for the past 4 nights with 6 drops of clary sage in the water and bugger all happening.

Any tips? Spicy food etc makes no difference, ditto an energetic return of the baby dance. Had reflexology and needles too.

Due date is actually today but a 42 they are keen to get me moving sooner rather than later.

Fiolondon Mon 19-Sep-11 14:08:49

Normal human gestation is 38-42 weeks so you are not "late" for another 2 weeks. Sweeps are considered useless bt some midwives as they can trigger "false" labour which tires you out but doesn't really get going. I avoided sweeps for both my 2 who kept me waiting until 41+5 and 41+6 to turn up on their own accord. Our waiting was rewarded with very positive natural labours when it could easily have been the induction disaster so many people seem happy to accept. The evidence to support the need for induction before 43 weeks in healthy women is limited. Don't be in a hurry and don't be bullied into doing anything in a rush. You can be offered expectant management and extra scans instead of induction if that is what you would prefer. Send the time resting and sleeping. It will give you the strength for labour and the harder task of looking after the baby! It could be the last good sleep you get for a while. Also ignore those who say that you should go for long walks and keep on the move to get labour going - total rot - who ever heard of Paula radcliffe running a marathon the night before a big competition as a warm up?! Plan a treat for each day and then you will have the fun of those or the reward of a new baby - win win! Good luck.

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