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My waters have or are breaking!

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roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:00:21

Sorry if too much information!

Well I woke up at 1.30 am feeling like something was bubbling out and knickers were wet. Was pretty sure I hadn't wet myself so put in a maternity pad and after a while felt a bit of a rush and it was soaked.

Taken 2 strong paracetamol, got the tens machine going but I don't feel anymore pain than I have done over the last few weeks. The baby is really moving which he doesn't do at night. I'm starting to wonder if I have had the worlds longest labour as I've had period pains and back ache for the last few weeks!

I've rang the hospital and they've told me to ring back at 8 unless things change. Can't sleep and wondered if anyone else has experienced labour like this? Roll on 8 o'clock!

Cheeseandbiscuits Sun 18-Sep-11 04:04:40

Oh exciting!

My waters broke at 2am. It took a good few hours for contractions to start. Try and rest while you can. Unfortunately, I didnt progress so was induced 36hrs later - but that is relatively rare.

So doze while you can, eat something and rest up! Good luck

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:09:47

Thank you! I can't sleep. I feel all energised! Wonder how long that'll last? Positive thinking roundtable, positive thinking!

<sorry for overuse of exclamation marks>

spiderslegs Sun 18-Sep-11 04:11:34

Eeek - love a labour thread - 1st DC?

Cheeseandbiscuits Sun 18-Sep-11 04:18:27

Is this your 1st? Do you know the sex?

When my waters broke, I woke DH up and he asked "why is my knee wet" about 6 times!

ObviouslyOblivious Sun 18-Sep-11 04:18:32

Good luck!

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:24:27

Yes first...probably very nieve! I want to have a not too traumatic birth fingers crossed. Trying to put peoples horror stories to the back of my mind! I haven't written a birth plan, will this matter?

Had a rather complicated pregnancy and really just want the baby to come out the safest way. I don't really have strong opinions about it, just as natural as possible and intervene if necessary.

Cheeseandbiscuits Sun 18-Sep-11 04:27:15

No birth plan here. I just went with the flow really and was open to anything. Dh knew my views on a few things but that was it.
Aah I'm excited for you! Now practice your breathing as that really helped me. Also, when every contraction came, I envisaged dh and I lying on the beach, drinking cocktails etc etc! grin

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sun 18-Sep-11 04:32:39

Wow so exciting! Good luck smile x

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:35:18

I think the beach and cocktails might work for me too!

I really need to hoover the rug downstairs. Do you think it'll disturb the neighbours? Probably should wait til 7 I suppose. I can see the thread now.

Aibu to be cross my neighbour started vacuuming at 4.30 am? grin

This is a bit bizarre, I think I thought after my waters broke I'd be rolling around sweating like the films, even though I know it's not true!

Aches are starting to pick up, might get in the bath.

cheeseycharlie Sun 18-Sep-11 04:36:37

Good luck! With your waters gone it might progress quickly once contractions get going. Breathe breathe breathe and think to open and relax. Get on the gas and air it's great stuff altho the first couple of hits make you feel a bit sicky but after that it's good all the way.

Fingers crossed for you!

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:43:31

I'm leaking again. Am I allowed in the bath? I vaguely remember reading you shouldn't when waters have gone.

KellyKettle Sun 18-Sep-11 04:46:36

Bath is fine, good luck!

spiderslegs Sun 18-Sep-11 04:46:47

No, no , no - my births were all very gentle, really, didn't even realise I was in labour with the first until I was 8cm dialated.

2nd just popped out - forget all the horror stories - just go with it.

spiderslegs Sun 18-Sep-11 04:47:15

Bath is fine - wallow.

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:51:27

Right bath it is then, see you on the other side!

Tens machine pads keep falling off. I think I might stick them on with a bit of masking tape after the bath.

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 04:52:43

Hurrah for gentle births! Thank you spiderlegs smile

spiderslegs Sun 18-Sep-11 04:58:11

Breathe in through your nose, take the G & A when offered & don't be scared to shit on your DH's foot........

2blessed2bstressed Sun 18-Sep-11 04:58:18

Bath is fine, and will be lovely! My water broke at 6am, and I had no contractions for hours after thst, but then when it did eventually start tohappen, it was ok. No big dramas, and no birth plan here either. Good luck!

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 06:08:34

Still ok, think I might use some of this extra energy and organise things a bit. Come on baby, time to be born, with as little fuss as possible please smile

SteelMagnolias Sun 18-Sep-11 06:58:48

Exciting smile

How are you doing, did the bath help?

roundtable Sun 18-Sep-11 20:11:51

Back real contractions after a day of monitoring! Rah! Hopefully something will start tonight otherwise induction tomorrow.

Thought it was all going to start but never mind. Waters are still going, who knew you could have so much liquid!

Thanks for all the wellwishers, hopefully something to report soon.


2blessed2bstressed Sun 18-Sep-11 21:08:49

Bah! After my insomnia last night I was all excited when I saw you posting, was sure you'd've had your baby today! Hope you're doing ok, will be looking out for news x

Mrsfred Sun 18-Sep-11 21:13:30

My waters went in hospital. I ruined my new slippers and there was so much water they had to get a mop and bucket grin blush.

Mrsfred Sun 18-Sep-11 21:14:07

Forgot to add, Good luck!

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