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Vasa Previa/C-section advice

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Lorelai Sat 17-Sep-11 18:03:37

A friend has just been diagnosed with vasa previa and has been admitted to hospital and will be staying there until baby is born via C-section. This was very unexpected and she is feeling a bit unprepared. Does anyone have any advice I can pass on? Things she needs to have with her/tips for getting over a section/breastfeeding afterwards etc? I've had 2 babies but no C-section experience so finding it difficult to advise her. She is 35+3 so baby is pretty well developed, they have said she will certainly have him before 37 weeks, probably before 36 weeks, so very soon! Also, if anyone has any experience of vasa previa she would appreciate more info on that too - I have googled it and it is a bit scary!

(She is a MNer and asked me to ask here for advice, I'm not sure if she will be able to get on here herself though. For anyone who 'knows' her, it is tory79).

Ktay Sat 17-Sep-11 19:10:14

I only 'know' Tory from a recent thread where she gave me some advice on placenta praevia. At the time it sounded like she might be on track for a normal delivery so I'm really sorry she has this additional complication. I hadnt heard of vasa praevia but have just had a quick google and thank goodness they have found it now, it sounds like she is in the right place. Sorry I don't have anything useful to contribute but I hope her c-section goes well and she isn't getting too bored or anxious in hospital.

Lorelai Sat 17-Sep-11 19:13:28

Thanks. She seems to be doing ok - her mum is up for the weekend and her DH is around. I think it is mainly the shock of going from planning a normal delivery in 5-7 weeks to suddenly having a c-section sometime very soon (but not knowing exactly when).

If anyone can help with what she needs to be doing to prepare for a C-section she would be very grateful.

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