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When did you go to look round delivery suit?

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tinky19 Fri 16-Sep-11 09:46:02

I'm 29 weeks this Sunday. Don't want to look too 'keen' and everyone else be like 36 weeks. Sorry, not ver well explained but hopefully you know what i mean.
DH and I are completely new to the area so DH has only ever just driven past hosp so far.

ArmageddonOuttahere Fri 16-Sep-11 09:52:30

didn't think many hospitals did tours anymore. Mine just gave me a DVD!

tinky19 Fri 16-Sep-11 09:57:53

It must vary from place to place. This one does tours on a sunday.
(I wonder if less women give birth on sunday???? hmm)

StrikeUpTheBand Fri 16-Sep-11 10:01:02

For me, I never did...I was high risk and had a lot of appointments there though - fortnightly diabetic clinic. Then my first baby was stillborn at 24 weeks (preeclampsia) so I ended up in hospital before I would even have had anti-natal classes, and stayed there for several days recovering. With DS, my next pregnancy, I thought a tour would be obviously a bit pointless since I spent a week there in the HDU (which is in the labour ward). He was premature anyway so I then got to see the neonatal ward. My 3rd baby was full term but by then I figured all hospital visits and antenatal classes would be a bit pointless for me. I was going there almost weekly anyway, and after all of my previous experiences DP knew the way to the hospital blindfold.
I don't think 29 weeks is too soon to ask your midwife. Many people are having antenatal classes before this point. Also, if you ar low risk you will have barely seen the hospital by this point so can understand you wanting to see it smile.

mercibucket Fri 16-Sep-11 10:02:52

do a tour nice and early then you have time to set up the homebirth instead smile (personal experience speaking there)

Cyclebump Fri 16-Sep-11 10:02:56

My labour ward tour was included in my NHS antenatal class that lasted all day. They are very strict about access to the ward and that's the only time you get access until you're actually in labour.

I was about 32 weeks when I got booked on to the class. It was well worth it as I didn't go into hospital until about 1am when the time came and the night entrance is in a completely different place to the day one! If I hadn't known it would have meant I'd have had to go in via A&E!

StrikeUpTheBand Fri 16-Sep-11 10:03:20

PS. I think the DVD thing was correct, particularly with the whole swine flu thing when I was having DD (winter of 2009/2010). Worth asking what they do?
Tinky, I think they are quieter on Sundays because they don't arrange things to happen on that day (inductions, c sections etc)?

tinky19 Fri 16-Sep-11 10:05:23

Sorry to hear of your first baby strikeuptheband.
I'm high risk so have been a couple of times but as we have only just moved into the area, still not 100% with where everything is. But I would like DH to know what general direction to push me in when the time comes. smile

BobbieSox Fri 16-Sep-11 10:07:12

I tried to with my first and it was totally booked for any time I could go...then they cancelled them all anyway due to swine flu, so I never saw it.

Think it's worth you enquiring now to make sure you have time to fit in with their and your schedule...but don't worry too much if you don't, as long as you know where to park I think you'll be fine!

yummymango Fri 16-Sep-11 10:24:46

They do tours at my hospital, I think twice a week. I really appreciated seeing where I would give birth and it set my mind at rest a bit as it was so quiet and completely different to what I was expecting. I think I was about 32 weeks when we went but I don't think there was any rules as to how far gone you had to be. Your midwife should be able to give you the info.

Flisspaps Fri 16-Sep-11 10:40:49

41 weeks, seeing as that was where I'd be induced if DD didn't agree with my plans for a nice relaxed homebirth.

She didn't, she was forcibly evicted in the Consultant unit a week later hmm

wigglesrock Fri 16-Sep-11 10:43:37

We went as last class of our NHS antenatal classes.

notcitrus Fri 16-Sep-11 10:47:03

I was about 24 weeks, most bumps looked larger but some were smaller. I found it quite reassuring actually.

zosie24 Fri 16-Sep-11 14:23:43

Hey tinky,

I'm lucky enough to have a maternity unit which do tours once a week (tameside in Manchester). I had been putting it off for ages and finally went last week when I was 38 weeks. I looked huge compared to everyone else, and felt stupid for leaving it so late!

It has actually really put my mind at ease. I know exactly where I'm going, what the rooms look like, and they explained some of the scary looking equipment they might have to use.

I would say don't worry about feeling silly, and go as soon as you can book on a tour.

good luck x

gallicgirl Fri 16-Sep-11 17:08:56

Where I live the hospital tours are part of the NHS antenatal classes. However, I was overlooked for some reason and wasn't booked on a course and didn't know until near the end of my pregnancy. At that point it was too late to arrange my own visit as the waiting list was over a month and after my due date.

No harm in checking the procedure with your midwife to ensure you do get a chance to check it out.

I did visit eventually as needed foetal monitoring and ECV. It made me very glad I'd opted for a home birth!

ALotToTakeIn Fri 16-Sep-11 17:43:17

we went on ours 2 weeks ago so I was about 33 weeks I guess. I booked onto it when I was there for my 20 week scan. Being low risk I have only been to the hospital for my 2 scans so it really put my and my OHs mind at rest to see what the rooms are like and ask questions about practical things like feeding the parking meter and how to get in if I go into labour at night. I live in an area where more women have babies later than earlier and I'm comparatively young so we did feel a bit like naughty school children tagging along at the back wink

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