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Stafford hospital

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heartmoonshadow Mon 12-Sep-11 15:37:08

Hi anyone had experience of being under consultant care at Stafford are they ok?

firsttimer84 Mon 12-Sep-11 21:44:11

Yes I was under 3 consultants. 2 obstetricians and 1 diabetic ( type 1 diabetic). I was seen every 6 weeks or so at first, then every 4 weeks, then every 2. The obs consultants were incredible. So easy to say diabetic equals c section but they really wanted me to go as far as possible naturally. In the end I was induced at 36+2 as the placenta was failing but still they let me be induced rather than rush to c section. Ward 9 pre and post natal ward was incredible and midwives were all so caring and friendly.

I know our hosp has had a lot of bad press but I couldn't fault them.

heartmoonshadow Wed 14-Sep-11 13:35:34

Thanks firsttimer it is refreshing to hear such a positive experience I am only 6/7 weeks and midwife told me I had to choose a hospital now as I will be under consultant care for other health problems so we will see that has gone someway to making me feel better. Thanks

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