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Elective c-section after 2 previous forceps births?

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JuJuMoo Mon 12-Sep-11 10:37:23

Hi everyone,

I'm currently 36+5 weeks and had a scan last week due to low lying placenta (thankfully now clear of the OS so no problems there)

It was mentioned that baby is measuring large (both AC and HC) and 'just within the very top of normal range.' With my two previous births, I've had babies on the large size (7lb 12oz at 36+6 weeks) and 8lb 13oz (full term) and both labours had been long and complicated, ending up with forceps and the second time round baby was in distress due to prolonged second stage and I was taken to theatre for a section, (but luckily the attempt at forceps just prior was successful.)

I'm now worried about whether I should be pushing for an early induction, or elective section, due to the problems with the previous births and the trauma involved etc seeing as this baby is predicted to be larger still. I had wanted to try for a vaginal birth but now I'm concerned that its not going to be possible and could present problems given my history.

Has anyone been in a similar position, or can offer any advice? My Midwife is on holiday but I'm thinking to ring and chat with the Community team ....

Thanks in advance

isitmidnightalready Mon 12-Sep-11 23:28:14

I had the CS due to big babies. With the first I tried vag birth and was in labour for a logn time but nothing was moving. DD was 12 lb 11oz and so I was glad we went for CS. The next two were both over 10 pounds, and I had ECS for both. I would go for ECS if I was you (obviously I am biased) - at the end of the day you just want the babe out safely and with the least trauma. Forceps round thehead has to be an uncomfortable start to life. CS are ok if you can cope with the redcued mobility (ability to carry etc) and no driving for 6 weeks. It's not fantastic and possibly not the easier option in the long run. I was also vomiting all day after DD2 as I reacte tothe anaesthetic, but it was still ok.

Good luck - hope you get some good replies from people with direct experience of your situation.

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