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Dr Kumar Kunde & The Lansdell Suite - Review

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ERMS Mon 12-Sep-11 10:31:59

Hi there,

I thought it might be helpful to post a review about my experience of Dr Kunde and the Lansdell.

Dr Kunde was my consultant from about 10 weeks and I gave birth to my baby boy about 6 weeks ago. Throughout the pregnancy he was brilliant and really makes you feel at ease. When it looked like I was going into premature labour at 33 weeks he was fantastic. We were able to contact him whenever we needed by mobile and he always responded really quickly.

I had been told that consultants are always very pro intervention so when I decided I didn't want an epidural and wanted to try to give birth with no pain relief I thought he might think it was silly but he thought it was a good decision for me and supported it. He was able to answer all of our questions and my partner and I both actually enjoyed the antenatal appointments with him.

When I finally started getting contractions I was able to contact him direct and we kept in touch until it was time for me to go to the Lansdell Suite. I wasn't sure how much we'd actually see of him but he saw us really regularly throughout the labour and was there for the last few hours of pushing etc. He is such a nice man that during the more lucid moments of labour, it was actually nice to chat to him. Perhaps most importantly, when my son's cord was round his neck, it was sorted immediately with no drama or fuss...when I struggled to push him out and he started showing signs of distress, he didn't immediately jump to extracting him, he gave me time to naturally do it whilst ensuring my baby was safe.

As for the Lansdell, we experienced really good care. The rooms are simple but comfortable and spacious. It was great to have the en suite as I was able to have a long bath during the early stages of labour after arriving at the Lansdell. We had a fantastic midwife who was so gentle and calm. We were never left for long and felt supported throughout the whole process. Once we were transferred up to the delivery suite, we were assigned a new midwife for the actual birth who was also brilliant. After birth, we were transferred back to our private room where they had made up a bed for my partner and brought us food and drink. I was able to shower and it was clean and refreshing. It also made such a difference being able to be just me and my partner quietly getting to know our son. Friends who didn't go private had a very different experience on the post-delivery wards with screaming babies and the partners not being able to spend the night.

I cannot recommend the Lansdell and Kumar Kunde more highly and will be asking for them to care for me when we have our next baby.

I hope this review helps anyone who's trying to decide whether to go private or whether to pick the Lansdell and Dr Kunde.

SuiGeneris Wed 14-Sep-11 22:30:52

Yes, it does, thanky you for posting it!

avacat Fri 16-Sep-11 21:38:28

This is very useful, thanks. Just got my BFP, but had researched consultants beforehand blush and want to go with Dr Kunde. How far along do you have to be to see him?

ecat99 Wed 23-Nov-11 20:25:52

I was also under Dr Kunde's care and delivered dd at Lansdell on 23 July.
He was really wonderful. I can't praise him enough. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, very caring and very patient. I had a really bad experience delivering my first baby (had an emergency c-section), so was very nervous second time around. He took the time to answer all of my questions and offered great advice. Unlike some other consultants I met (before I decided to go with Dr Kunde), he never tried to steer me towards a c-section and was very supportive of me trying vbac.
Dr Kunde was always available. In addition to regular appointments, he was always reachable by e-mail and phone whenever I had a question or concern. During the week before I went into labour, I think I contacted him every day and he always took the time to answer and reassure me.
I went into labour at night and we contacted Dr. Kunde on Saturday at 5am. He answered his phone instantly and told us to head to St. Thomas. He met us at the hospital.
During the labour, Dr Kunde did regular check-ups. We also had an assigned midwife who stayed with us in the room the entire time.
I ended up having another c-section for reasons beyond Dr Kunde's control and he did an amazing job. My scar is very small and neat and it healed very fast. Recovery time was also very good.
The staff at Lansdell was wonderful and we very much enjoyed our stay there.
We will definitely turn to Dr Kunde again when we have our next baby. I can't imagine being in better hands.

Mademoiselleolivia Mon 02-Dec-13 17:01:19

Mr Kumar Kunde was my obstetrician during my pregnancy and the birth of my first child. I chose Mr Kunde after reading of his extensive experience and hearing great reviews from his previous patients. I couldn't have been happier with my decision.

Mr Kunde has a very calm and gentle demeanor. He made me feel confident and calm throughout the nine months. He was very supportive and attentive. Mr Kunde is a thoughtful quieter person but in the last hours of labour when my baby's heart rate was dropping and she needed to come out he burst into action and became very assertive when it was needed. My husband and I were so impressed with the way Mr Kunde managed the delivery: he made sure we knew what was going on and what his plan was and I continued to feel calm and confident that everything would be okay due to the way Mr Kunde handled everything and everyone.

Mr Kunde was wonderful. I would (and do) strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a caring and gentle obstetrician whose wealth of experience and professionalism makes you feel calm and confident. If there is a baby number 2 we will definitely come back to Mr Kunde.

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