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Have your waters broken but no contractions? What happened?

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Finn77 Sat 10-Sep-11 06:31:13

Has anybody previous experience of waters breaking and no contractions occurring soon after. This has happened to me twice and I had two different paths of treatment. I am 36wks with my 4th DC (1st labour started spontaneously at 38 wks, it was the next two that were the problem!) and concerned about the current protocol if it happens again!
First time for me (2004) at 36wks, 2nd DC; I was put on syntocin drip straight away, no explanations and it was extremely painful...everything ok in the end, but I wouldn't like to repeat the experience.
Second time waters went at 33 weeks (2007). monitored for a week and then asked if I wanted an induction or to continue to wait and be monitored. i chose induciton by prostin pessary at 34 weeks, it took two doses, but was by far the easiest labour and again thankfully baby was fine, no special care needed.
Has anybody got recent experience of this happening? Reality is looming!

wem Sat 10-Sep-11 06:40:44

I had it with dd2 last year. I was hoping for a homebirth but was told to come in after 24 hours as nothing was happening. They monitored me and set me up to have the drip but they were so busy they didn't get it started for another 12 hours, even though they kept telling me, 'well, it's been x hours since y so we'll have to get you going soon'.
I also found it very painful, and fast - 2 hours from the moment they started it.

metalelephant Sat 10-Sep-11 06:59:51

After waters broke at 38 weeks we, went into hospital (cab driver must have thought I was giving birth there and then and drove like a maniac sad ) and was told to return in two days to be induced if contractions hadn't gotten regular.

They didn't and when the midwife examined me I was only 1 cm dilated, so they put me on a drip and epidural and DS was out 8 hours later.

This time, If I need induction with a drip again I will def ask for an epidural, but with a pessary it might be more manageable.

Good luck!

soandsosmum Sat 10-Sep-11 09:31:25

My waters broke at 41 weeks. They wanted to keep me in to monitor me but I'd planned a home birth and had no intention of being on a labour ward Not in labour! Then they wanted me to return in 24 hours but I pressed for the 48 hours which are current NICE guidelines for no contradictions situation. My contractions started within 24 hours to my relief.

SoundTheOctoalert Sat 10-Sep-11 09:42:11

Mine broke at 35 weeks, Fri AM, went into hospital and got scan etc. Was kept in over weekend as didn't want to call consultant in as no emergency, was told that 'normally' you go within 72 hours anyway. Got examinations and horrible steroid injections but nothing else. My contractions started on Sunday PM and DS2 came v quickly. Not sure what would have happened if I hadn't gone, they were talking about induction or just sending me home to wait - two rather different paths!

naturalbaby Sat 10-Sep-11 13:38:20

mine went and my lovely midwife came out and gave me a v.thorough stretch and sweep as i was desperate for a homebirth. contractions started and hour later, baby arrived at home 6hrs after that.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sat 10-Sep-11 17:19:21

Mine broke at 40+5. Because I was GP B Strep +ve, I was kept in to have labour augmented, but contractions started while I was waiting for a bed (5.5 hours after waters broke). DD was born 6.5 hours later, ie 12 hours after waters had gone.

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