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33 weeks and starting to worry

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lookout Wed 07-Sep-11 11:04:50

This is dc no2 for us. First was induced at 38 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. Was totally unprepared for the sudden and intense pain of an induction, and even though the labour was fairly short (10.5 hours from pesssary to birth), I hated it. The pain was awful, with little or no space between contractions and I had a second degree tear which was eventually sewn up by the obs consutlant and then took ages to heal. I had g+a and was eventually persuaded to have pethidine even though I didn't want it - I think they were trying to make me shut up as there was a lot of loud groaning going on blush. I spent the whole labour on the d on my back as I was told not to move cos of the CTG monitoring. No one even mentioned an epidural.

So now number 2 is almost here and I am getting really worried about it. I have no signs as of yet of pre-eclampsia but there is still time. I'm worried about being induced and having the same pain, about being told not to move again even though I want to try and use some yoga positions from my pregnancy yoga class, about whether or not to just go for an epidural, about tearing again... I am not looking forward to it at all sad

joruth Wed 07-Sep-11 14:29:18

Poor you...same for me with DC1 but 2,3,4 all ok!!! It can happen...but if i were you I would make a birth plan that included the use of an epidural if you need induction and ask your birth partner to mention it to you in front of the M'wife so you don't have to remember the minute the pains kick in.

Good luck,

lookout Wed 07-Sep-11 15:55:45

Thanks for your advice. Glad to hear that your subsequent births were ok. I wasn't gonna bother doing a birth plan this time as last time it wasn't adhered to at all, and I thought that rather than be disappointed I'd just try and go with the flow. But the epidural thing sounds like a good idea. It's stupid I know, but I have this reluctance to epidurals that I can't quite explain because I have as many pros as cons where they're concerned. But if think turn out anywhere like last time I will have to bite the bullet and go with it I think. Thanks again for your post.

RockChick1984 Wed 07-Sep-11 17:09:25

I'd personally suggest making a birth plan, and make sure your birth partner knows it inside out! I wasn't induced but had similar experience with contractions, no break between to recover, short labour but more intense etc. I was in no fit shape to be asking why anything was/wasn't happening, however dh was fantastic, asking why they wanted continuous monitoring etc, he had very little idea why this mattered however he knew it was in my birth plan that I didn't want it unless it was essential. Regarding epidural, I had decided that I would prefer not to have 1 (didn't want it to make pushing harder as desperately didn't want assisted delivery) so decided if I wanted 1 on the day that I'd have a vaginal exam before it and if I was at 8cm or more I'd leave it - as it happened I decided I'd have 1 but when exam done I was at 9cm so didn't get it done. I also taught dh my yoga breathing so he could encourage me with it on the day which really helped - I couldn't have remembered it on my own! Good luck with it, every birth is different, I hope you have a better experience this time.

joruth Wed 07-Sep-11 20:03:18

can have a "light epidural " in some places that plans to reduce painrelief closer to delivery so you can feel to push...I haven't had one but i have administered them...maybe discuss with your midwife?? But I say again, every birth is different and going with the flow is a great option so long as it's not making you soon as the worry kicks in I'm all for writing stuff down especially as you don't want your blood pressure to look anything other than spectacularly normal!!!

Best wishes

lookout Fri 09-Sep-11 09:48:53

Thank you for the advice. I am seeing my mw today so will try and bring it up with her. She's not that helpful/sympathetic though so might be a bit of a struggle!

RockChick1984 Fri 09-Sep-11 14:26:26

Hope today went ok for you, if you wanted to speak to a different midwife (but not wanting to cause any problems) could you see if your local surestart offers a midwife drop-in? I had to use ours a couple of times when I wanted to see a midwife on a day where they weren't at my dr's surgery, it was a different mw there to my usual one.

lookout Sun 11-Sep-11 11:32:44

Thanks for that. I will check it out. Didn't end up talking much to her on Friday as she was covering. The third different mw I've seen since the beginning, and she was convering for another new one, which will make four! I'd much rather have some continuity but it seems that's not how it works here. We did have a chat about the possiblity of the birthing centre, and she said as long as my bp stays down I need to be pro-active on arriving at hosp and put my foot down for a space in the centre rather than on the ward! Remains to be seen if a) my bp behaves and b) I can be forceful enough!

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