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Probably not asked much but any advice?

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nunnie Tue 06-Sep-11 12:02:47

How do I keep this baby indoors for longer?

I have a section date of the 20th which will be 39+4.

If I labour early I am unlikely to be offered a section unless there is a problem due to my previous history DD was born in 2 hours and 5 minutes. and DS I arrived pushing (he was brow so never moved and was born by EMCS 3 and half hours later).

I am dreading the thought of a VBAC going wrong and resulting in another EMCS, it isn't the labour as such it is the issues I have from my previous EMCS and a complication that arose that I haven't really got my head round yet and I really don't want to go into labour as I know all this will come flooding back and make the whole process unbearable.

Anyway with my history I am not certain I will make it to the section date and need to prepare myself mentally for this.

I know it is a stupid question but is there anyway I can keep my legs crossed or wear tights, or is there anything else I can try.

I am currently on antibiotics for a UTI which I know is also linked to early labour, so I am hoping this treatment will prevent this, but looking at my sample yesterday I may need another dose will have to see.

If not how on earth am I suppose to go into labour with this one without thinking about previous birth, is there a way of just focusing on the there and then not the past?

Waffle I know, but the 20th seems so far away.

metalelephant Tue 06-Sep-11 12:17:48

Sorry if this sounds a bit obvious, but have you asked them why they can't plan it a few days earlier? Like at the end of your 38th rather than near the end of the 39th? Also, do you think the dates are correct, might you have conceived earlier or later?
If you have a CS planned, surely they can't force you to have a VB. If your labour starts early, can you go in as early as possible and tell them you expect the CS to take place? Without trial of labour?

Hope it all goes well.

nunnie Tue 06-Sep-11 12:29:44

They can't do it any sooner, no slots.

I know the date we had sex, so I know it wasn't sooner than that date. I have been given the 23rd as my due date but the earliest it could ahve been is the 25th.

I asked and was told if I arrive fully dilated and pushing like last time, then they won't do a section due to being too good progression, unless there is problem.

I got there are early as possible last time, I progress very quickly or have done with previous 2.

The plan has always been section at 39 weeks (they won't do sooner due to research on lung development and 39 weeks being more favourable for baby which is fair enough. If labour sooner and progressing well then to have a trial of labour. If not progressing well then I will ask for a section and have been told I shouldn't be denied this.

Now I am getting closer and it is looking more likely that I will labour before I have gone into panic mode.

metalelephant Tue 06-Sep-11 12:44:31

I hope somebody with more experience can shed light, though the wearing tights idea sounds genius!
I will be looking forward to reading your future posts of your elcs going to plan, wishing you the best of luck!

Sushibo Tue 06-Sep-11 14:20:46

Daphne from Neighbours did actually give birth with her tights on..

Sorry, not helpful! I think the best you can do is avoid heavy lifting, long walks, sex, curries and pineapples and if you do get any twinges try a sip or 2 of wine and rest up... in the olden days alcohol was used as a tocolytic (to get rid of contractions). Obviously not suggesting you become a pregnancy lush and you my not feel comfortable with this plan - but a shotglass full of wine could relax things. Despite all this, it will come when it comes - and I would have another go at getting rescheduled - try some tears and get them to put you on the emergency list..

Good luck!

FormbyDoula Tue 06-Sep-11 15:41:06

Hi nunnie, sorry to hear about your negative experience with the EMCS. Would it be possible for you to debrief that birth, talk it through with a professional eg a midwife?

I'm not sure there is any way to stop yourself from going into labour early, but these negative feelings seem to be really hurting you at the moment - speak to your midwife, ring her today to tell her your fears. If you don't get any joy from her, speak to the consultant midwife at the hospital or your consultant. You might find that talking it through with someone might negate your fears and make you feel more hopeful for the birth.

nunnie Tue 06-Sep-11 15:59:27

Thank you FormbyDoula, I have spoken and had a debrief with the anaethatist who has been wonderful, she can guarantee it won't be allowed to happen again for an ELCS, but she can't make that same reasurrance for me in regards to another EMCS.
So I am reluctant even if not progressing wonderfully if I labour early to have a section, as the rushing and urgency petrifies me.

Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and if I do labour early all my fears will dissolve when I feel the progression, with DS I pushed for 3 and a half hours and I couldn't feel him moving at all, which he wasn't but at the time I was told he was coming he would pop out soon.

I feared there was no way of preventing the sooner arrival, I think it is becoming more real because I am getting backache now, I am shattered and my bump is achey. I have no idea if these are early signs because I really can't remember early labour signs with previous 2, once they were born I forgot most things to be honest.

FormbyDoula Tue 06-Sep-11 17:12:44

I got achy feelings before labour started so it could be that, but equally likely to be just normal pregnancy aches and pains! Try to stay positive - negative feelings can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can do it, your body is amazing! You did it with DD and that's how this labour will go too.

With DS1 (twin 1) I didn't feel him moving down either and he was delivered with forceps in the end. I was lying on the bed - not good!

With DS2 I was standing up and I didn't even realise I was ready to push - his head just popped out! So try to keep moving around as much as possible if you do go into labour - that will help the baby get into a good position for birth if he is not already.

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