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Does this sound right? Any experience?

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tinky19 Tue 06-Sep-11 09:12:50

Cutting a long story short...
DS was born at term + 16 after full induction (pessaries, drips etc) got to 10cm, pushing etc, oxygen levels dropped, finally born emcs.
DC2 due in early dec and I had a meeting with VBAC consultant yesterday.

Firstly.... I was under the impression that I would not be induced again due to rupture but consultant said that i could have the drip... I said no and she said 'keep an open mind' hmm. They can't make me can they?

Secondly... During my last labour, DS was back to back (and add in induction) I was in agony but they wouldn't let me off the bed, or off my back, not even to go for a wee (DH was given a bed pan when he insisted that I wanted to go to the toilet shock) so I told consultant yesterday that I was determined to be mobile, she said I would need to be wired up for monitors of baby but that I would still be able to be up and move around (very different from last time) So has any one been monitored etc but still been alowed to move about? I'm a bit worried she said this just to get me to agree to VBAC and get me out the door.
experiences please.

cheekyginger Tue 06-Sep-11 16:38:16

Hi tinky, sorry to hear about your fairly traumatic first time!!

In grudgingly ended up in labour ward after wanting a home birth (long story!!)

I was strapped to a monitor for about 90 mins and i asked to stay standing. I had a lovely student midwife who said that was fine and managed to wire me up no problem. I didnt want to walk but rocking was my thing so loved being able to stand. Had to try and stay still(ish) during a contraction so they could trace the baby's HB.

I spent the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy hanging over an exercise ball i as i was soooooo determined to not have a back to back baby.

Good luck.

FormbyDoula Tue 06-Sep-11 17:56:51

tinky19 - no they can't make you be induced. At most hospitals if you really want a C-section you can have one (even first-timers although this is changing due to cutbacks and a desire to get section rates down). But many hospitals are desperate to get their section rate down so they do try to push you into a trial of labour. Induction usually a bad idea all round as you discovered last time.

Sounds like you were treated badly. You should be able to move around - not being able to is a recipe for disaster. I'm not sure about VBACs, but I had twins and I was told I had to be continuously monitored. When I questioned it they admitted they could listen in with a doppler instead. So that's what they did. The should be able to with you too.

Speak to your consultant about it and if you don't get any joy ask to see another one! Ask to see the hospital's protocol for VBACs and if you are not happy with anything query it.

Flisspaps Tue 06-Sep-11 18:02:21

They cannot make you have induction, they cannot make you have a drip and they cannot make you have CFM and stay on the bed. You can request that any monitoring be done using a hand-held system every 15 minutes or so, but that's more of a PITA for them as it involves a member of staff rather than leaving you on a machine. It is not for them to allow you to be mobile or to not have the drip. To paraphrase Mary Cronk 'Allow is not an acceptable word to use when speaking to a mentally competent adult'

You have to consent to any kind of procedure that they do, so if you don't want it, then refuse it.

readysteady Tue 06-Sep-11 18:10:24

hiya i was induced for my vbac once it was established my contractions were full on but no dilation happening so started a slow drip which worked. was monitored but didnt get on bed until time to push baby out so spent labour pacing, on ball in chair etc. never left alone and had 1 to 1 care throughout. i also had option of water birth with intermittent monitoring but due to crap dilation and need of drip stayed on dry land. Good luck! ask to see senior midwife for a chat and get it in writing in your notes.

lollystix Tue 06-Sep-11 19:42:06

Flisspaps right-ask for what you want not go along with what's convenient for them. I got monitoring with 1st vbac - and ended up with the clips on his head monitoring. I went for wb with vbac 2 and got the intermittent monitoring- great experience. Going for that again this time. Consultant would like me to be out of water with cfm but I've said no and he just said on my notes that I'm aware of risks to cover his bum.

I wouldn't get induced if it comes to it. I would insist on section.

wompoopigeon Tue 06-Sep-11 20:00:10

Incidentally my DD was monitored using a clip but I insisted on being on all fours and not on my back.

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Tue 06-Sep-11 20:03:46

I had an induction with DD1 but no section. Hated being stuck on the bed. Went in for monitoring with DD2 and they insisted monitoring me on the bed.

After over an hour of them not getting a trace as I had to keep moving as the pain was so bad, I said they either monitored me standing or I was going home anyway - I couldn't cope with the pain in that position.

Finally I was allowed to be monitored standing up. I could not see what the fuss was about it was very easy and the reading much better.

ZhenXiang Tue 06-Sep-11 20:30:42

I am going to be in the same position as you as had EMCS last time (no induction though) and going for VBAC this time.

I had CFM the last time due to a very small amount of green meconium in the waters and was in agony strapped to the bed on my back unable to move as it kept falling off when I sat on the ball. The bloody MW didn't even have the thing attached properly for the first hour and then didn't even notice DD's heartrate dropping during contractions (thank goodness for my MIL who did!).

As others have said you do not need to ' be allowed' to do any of it, the induction, the continuous monitoring are all your choice, you can agree or disagree with them.

I have found it useful to get the VBAC policy for the hospital doing my maternity care so that I could be forewarned and forearmed with research to make sure I get my wishes met (I got it through PALS).

I am going to stipulate no CFM unless they can offer me foetal telemetry monitoring which is wireless CFM. They can just use a doppler, more work for them, which is why they don't like to do it, but more comfort for me so I will insist.

According to the reading I have done foetal heart rate (measured during CFM) is a poor indicator of uterine rupture (v. small risk during VBAC due to previous CS) and the mothers heart rate or her feeling a rupture are usually the first signs. This is a reason they often use to justify CFM during VBAC.

Induction for VBAC not advisable unless closely monitored due to higher risk of uterine rupture, but your body may do it all by itself this time so induction may not even be neccessary. Try to stay positive.

readysteady Wed 07-Sep-11 08:29:35

agree with all above as you can see from my other post i did agree to a slow drip to get things going as i just needed help to get dilating, but i also did it all on my terms and refused to get on bed had it pushed away and laboured on the ball etc. drip is thought to be less risky then pesseries. my hospital had a vbac success rate in the 90s they let me get on with it no time limits etc. i originally wanted doppler but heart rate was a bit strange so i consented to cfm but only off the bed. in the end the monitor didn't effect me but the iv for the drip was annoying!

tinky19 Wed 07-Sep-11 20:50:20

Thanks. I think being assertive is going to be my biggest problem. thanks again for all the advice

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