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Are second births faster even if you had a c-section first time?

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This might sound daft, but I read on here a lot that second/third/fourth births are much faster than first ones. Is this the case even if you had a c-section for the first one?

I was induced for my first birth, laboured for 20 odd hours, got to 10cm, but then had to have an EMCS because of the baby's position. If I tried a VBAC next time, would it be faster (because my cervix has dilated before) or would it still be long (because I didn't manage the pushing bit)?

I'm nowhere near ready to try for number 2, but already wondering if it's 'better the devil you know' or if I'd rather attempt a VBAC...


KellyKettle Mon 05-Sep-11 15:47:08

I think they are if you laboured the first time, dilated etc because your body has done that before it's generally quicker. I think if you've had an ELCS (labour didn't start) then the second birth is much like a first in the average length.

I don't know loads of VBAC mums but I know a handful, only 1 ended up with a CS but that was following induction (of sorts, they are careful about inducing VBAC mums). The others all went on to have VBACs and found it very healing, empowering etc.

Obviously, very anecdotal and you may not feel like you have much to gain from a VBAC. I think you have a good chance of birthing vaginally though if you chose to.

KellyKettle Mon 05-Sep-11 15:48:36

p.s. also things you can do to influence your babies position so that you can start labour with your baby in its optimal position, ready for birth (not guaranteed obviously but my MW is very encouraging of any efforts to do this).

I can completely understand you wanting to ask these things before TTC. I had questions I needed answering before TTC too.

Petesmum Mon 05-Sep-11 15:57:34

I'll watch this thread with interest as I'm due in dec. I was induced with DS and only took 3 hours after that. Any faster this time and I might not make it to hospital!

ZhenXiang Mon 05-Sep-11 16:09:38

I am in the same position as you, going for VBAC after 10cm dilated, pushing, failed ventouse and forceps then EMCS. I have read that often when the baby is not in a good position (deflexed head in my case) that labour can take longer, so you could very well have a shorter labour this time.

I was told by consultant who did EMCS that I could have a natural birth no problem this time around, but I will be very clear to the midwives that I want to be mobile and not on the bed being monitored so that I can use position and gravity to speed things along. Also will wait a while longer before going to hospital than last time so that I can be more comfortable during labour.

DilysPrice Mon 05-Sep-11 16:14:09

I took about 25 hours from first contraction to EMCS with DD and about 18-20 hours from first contraction to forceps delivery with DS.

So not much in it, though second birth would probably have been quicker if I'd spent it walking around and screaming rather than curled up with an epidural, a Georgette Heyer and a good night's sleep - horses for courses.

drcrab Mon 05-Sep-11 16:17:40

I had a VBAC with the 2nd one - never laboured with the first as was a planned c-section (placenta praevia). felt big pains on a saturday, got sent home 2x, epidural on wednesday AM (about 5am?) and baby came at just before 6PM on wednesday. not funny. but....we did a VBAC.

massistar Tue 06-Sep-11 16:36:06

I had a VBAC after my first was born by emergency CS due to undiagnosed breech. I was in labour for around 12 hours before the section. Baby no. 2 was born in 1.5 hours from first contraction to ventouse delivery!! There are no guarantees but personally.. I'd go for the VBAC again every time.

ClarityMa Tue 06-Sep-11 17:03:00

I think there are some vrey useful pregnancy yoga stuff for optimal fetal positioning in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The Gentle Birth Method book (Dr Gowri Motha) explains some of the position and funny walks you can do to get the baby is the best position.

Bonding with you baby is always easier if you have had some VBAC is a good idea

Sorry for posting and running. Thank you for all the brilliant advice you've given me. As I said, I'm nowhere near ready to TTC No2 but already worrying about which the best option would be so it's really useful to hear your experiences (particularly that VBAC is possible and positive) Thank you!

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