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baby "well engaged" but back-to-back - can it still turn?

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GetDownYouWillFall Mon 05-Sep-11 15:04:32

hello all smile

I am 38+5 today. Just had MW appt she said that the head is well engaged, basically she could hardly feel it, could only feel the shoulders. It is definitely head down apparently.

However she also thought it was back to back. How do I get baby to turn, and is this even possible if the head is wedged well down??? (forgot to ask!! blush)

moomsy Mon 05-Sep-11 15:13:45

I heard of babies turning from breech to head down at the very end... I am sure they can turn their backs to another way too.

Other more experienced people will give you better advice but if I was you I would try to be on my hands and knees / on all fours as much as possible.

Good luck smile xx

chocoroo Mon 05-Sep-11 15:15:58

I think it's common for babies to turn from back to back during labour.

I have limited knowledge though as it was said to me during labour but didn't actually happen!

tiredteddy Mon 05-Sep-11 15:28:39

I think they advise spending time on your hands and knees. Theory being that babies back/ spine is heaviest so it should pivot while still engaged and swing round to the front. Hope this helps and good luck x

KellyKettle Mon 05-Sep-11 15:43:23

Have a look at

They suggest inversions, pelvic floor release and good posture - all explained online and through some videos too. Great website.

bloombloombell Mon 05-Sep-11 19:44:33

Hi there, i'm 35 weeks pregnant with my third. I seem to carry babies back to back. My first was born back to back. As it was my first i didn't know if it was more painful or not. Luckily i only had one stitch. My second turned seconds before giving birth, i just felt my stomach to a flip, really odd feeling and waters broke and she was out in seconds, no tearing! I've always been told to try and go on all fours quite a lot or just sit leaning forward. So i've been doing that the last few days to see if this bump will turn! They way i look at it, at least they arent breech! Good luck xx

GetDownYouWillFall Tue 06-Sep-11 13:23:30

Thank you all, I'm glad to hear baby can still turn, even when engaged. bloom that's amazing you felt yours turn just before giving birth!! shock Must have been a weird feeling!

That website spinning babies is very interesting kelly thank you!

Poley Fri 09-Sep-11 22:51:55

Hiya, just wrote this on another thread!
My mw suggested rolling my hips around on my yoga ball to get dd turned around, it worked within hours x

Conkertree Sat 10-Sep-11 07:09:06

I had the exact same thing at my appointment yesterday - when I read this, I did wonder if I had written it under a different name as am 38+5 too, and was wondering the exact same thing. But then noticed the date, so it couldnt have been me.

Anyway getdown - how did it turn out?

Conkertree Sat 10-Sep-11 07:10:24

Oh my goodness I definitely have pregnancy brain - it wa only thi week you asked. Sorry thought it said August the first time I read it.

{slinks away to hide in a corner}

GetDownYouWillFall Sat 10-Sep-11 10:24:48

thanks poley - I've been sitting on the ball a lot, not sure how you can tell if it's moved though confused

conkertree grin that you thought you'd written this! I'm 39+3 now not sure what position baby is in now. Was getting hopeful yesterday as had some pinky blood and lots of low down crampy feelings, but nothing today. Just keep on waiting!

Hope our babies come soon!

Zimm Sun 11-Sep-11 18:44:28

DD turned during labour causing my waters to go the second we stepped outside the taxi - 2 second earlier and w'd have had a big bill!

EggyAllenPoe Mon 12-Sep-11 21:30:07

DD never turned. she came out that way like 5% do, though with little incident. though yes, they do turn during labour.

MummyMellie Tue 13-Sep-11 11:48:15

DD turned during labour - AFTER my waters had broken. Was quite uncomfortable as felt as if there was a bag of puppies fighting in there, but all was fine and she popped out without incident.
Sleep on your left side if you can, and yes, lots of crawling around on hands and knees!

Poley Sat 17-Sep-11 21:47:31

getdown I only knew she'd turned after a mw examined me and confirmed smile

ThatllDoPig Sat 17-Sep-11 21:50:27

Both my ds's turned during labour. Try not to worry. I remember really stressing about this, but in the end it just wasn't a problem at all.
Meanwhile, they do say get down on your knees and scrub the floor. Personally I just couldn't face it and ended up crying. Much better to sit and chill and enjoy the last bit of pregnancy. Feet up!

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