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Is there anyway I can find out more about what happened?

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SleepyChipmunk Fri 02-Sep-11 22:07:18

I had my dd 4 months ago. I should start by saying that I know I am very lucky in that we are both healthy and compared to what a lot of people go through my labour was very straightforward.

But I do still have a few questions. For the final two weeks of the pregnancy my stomach measurement (not sure of the correst technical term) didn't increase at all. The midwife said it was fine as I was still within the normal range, however when dd was born she was 6lb and the midwife said she probably hadnt grown for the last two weeks of the pregnancy. Also I have since read about the hospital being able to look at the placenta to see if there was a problem, but this was not suggested at the time.

I know the important thing is that dd came out on time and is healthy, but I cant help thinking that things could have been different if I had gone overdue. Is there anyway I can ask to see my pregnancy and hospital notes again or discuss them with anyone, or am I being unreasonable seeing as everything turned out okay?

TastyMuffins Fri 02-Sep-11 22:19:25

You can ask for a debriefing from the midwifery team. I think you would have to contact the hospital for this or maybe the community midwives. Otherwise you could just ask for a copy of your antenatal and labour notes, there may be a processing charge for these.

AFAIK the measurement which is called Fundal Height, is not a significant indicator so it staying the same is fine.

I think you would have been told if there was a problem with the placenta, it is always checked. Did you see it?

Did the midwife say what made him/her think that the baby hadn't grown for the last two weeks? Was it the same midwife who you saw antenatally? Did she mean this because of her size alone and that she had not increased weight/size in the last two weeks or that she had not developed further?

SleepyChipmunk Fri 02-Sep-11 22:30:23

It was the midwife at the hospital who said she didnt think she had grown properly, not sure what made her think that. At the time I was a bit out of it , it was only later that I thought 'that seems strange'.

Thanks for your comments, very reassuring that I would have been told if something was wrong, everything happened so quickly and I went home the next day and it was only later that I started to wonder, mainly with thinking about if I were to get pregnant again.

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