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Breast bump

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cinqueterre Tue 30-Aug-11 02:55:21

I am thinking of buying an electric breast bump. Does anyone have any idea which one is good - quick in expressing, less painful, etc.? Thanks a lot for your advice!

vigglewiggle Tue 30-Aug-11 03:07:24

Did you mean pump? Probably auto-correct on your computer, but I was looking at the thread expecting to reassure you about a lump in your breast. I had a hand pump which was second hand and did the job just fine. Having said that, I didn't express much, so if it is a major operation electric may be the way to go. smile

cinqueterre Tue 30-Aug-11 18:41:11

Thanks vigglewiggle. Yes, I meant "pump"! was too sleepy when typing ... blush

izzybizzybuzzybees Tue 30-Aug-11 18:42:29

The spectra from amazon is fab. I've reccomended it before and got a lively pm thanking me

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