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QE2 Welwyn...recent experiences?

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HAD11 Fri 26-Aug-11 22:39:52

I'm due to give birth to my first child and had been booked in to go to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. Unfortunately the birth pool there is broken and my MW has advised to go to QE2 where there are a few birth pools and more likelihood of my being able to use one. Has anyone had a recent experience there? I'd heard that the mat wing is in the process of being shut and may not be fully staffed and am a bit nervous to change my plans if that's the case, but equally would really like to try a water birth.

PinkFondantFancy Sun 28-Aug-11 12:30:47

HAD sorry I can't give you any advice but I am angry that the pool is broken at Stevenage. I'm booked to go there too, and although I was realistic that it is unlikely I'd get to use the pool, I was hoping there would be at least one!! What puts me off going to QE2 is that my understanding is that it's a midwife-led centre so if things need to be more medicalised you end up being blue-lighted to Stevenage. This is only what I've heard though, and that is second hand, so happy to be corrected if someone else comes along that knows more than me.

GetDownYouWillFall Mon 29-Aug-11 18:29:02

Oh no!! Seriously??? I am booked to go to Lister too, (due date in 2 weeks). Am seriously gutted to hear the pool is broken! Am desperate to use it! Did they give indication of when it might be fixed by? My midwife didn't say anything about it at my last appt, and she knew I wanted to use the pool.

I had my DD in QEII in 2007 and did not have a good experience TBH, which is why I wanted to go to Lister. In my experience QEII is not a midwife led centre at all. It's medic-led. I had epidural, stitching in surgery etc. etc. Never heard of anyone having to be blue lighted to Stevenage confused unless it's all changed in the last few years of course, which it could well have done..... But yuo're right that the unit is in the process of being shut. I think they are all moving in October. I can't imagine morale among staff is going to be very good if they are all in the process of moving / closing down sad

Katiebeau Tue 30-Aug-11 10:09:14

QEII has 1 or 2 birthing pools, all surgical stuff is still happening at QEII, no need for blue lighting. However it is understaffed, it was awful, awful awful 2.5 years ago and is not improving. Communications to Mums much better at the Lister overall. At the Lister feel free to be as rude to the Registrars as they are to you! Mid Oct QEII is fully closing.

readysteady Thu 01-Sep-11 16:12:50

dont panic! i had a poor experience at QE2 two years ago but a fantastic experience 3 months ago! they were on the ball and all very good! the staff are the same over the 2 sites anyway! they were extremely good at talking to me through all options and were so different from my previous experience! in fact the day after birth they came and interviewed me about my experiences any thing i would change etc. They have had major policy overhaul over the last year and seemed very woman centred ready for the transfer to the new site in a few months. Honestly visit and see for yourself.

Katiebeau Fri 02-Sep-11 09:25:22

Great news readysteady. Sounds like things are on the up!

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