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Looking for a 'birth partner' ? ! (Due early Sept...Queen Charlotte)

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MissusD Thu 25-Aug-11 16:25:06

My friend just asked me who my 'birth partner is', and I realise i don't have a clue...all my friends have had babies years ago...I've just found out from my GP I'm being seen at Queen Charlotte's which is good...but my mother's unwell (and not really up to date - had me decades ago!) and well, i'd love to find a woman who maybe knows about all this and loves it or...someone said find a doula (but very expensive?) this the place to find such advice? (I'd do anything, hours of babysitting/friendship stuff in return!)...I'm an older mum to this something to worry about (partner is NOT very good at this, may even be working and miss the whole thing!)....;)

BakingBunty Thu 25-Aug-11 21:09:44

Hello Missus, if I were in your shoes I think I would ask a very calm, kind friend. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Preferably someone who has children themselves, but I'm not sure it would matter if it was a while ago since they gave birth themselves - don't think it's something you forget in a hurry! Best of luck.

Secondtimelucky Thu 25-Aug-11 21:49:49

On doulas, it depends what you mean by expensive. Trainee doulas are only allowed to charge expenses of up to £200. I know that that could still be very expensive to you, but it's more affordable than full fees. People on here may be able to help you find one if you don't know anyone suitable amongst family and friends.

FutureNannyOgg Fri 26-Aug-11 09:35:37 has loads of info on doulas, and a hardship fund for those that can't afford one.

NorthLondonDoulas Mon 29-Aug-11 00:34:23

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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