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What is a show?

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nunnie Wed 24-Aug-11 08:39:10

Sorry 3rd baby should know, but I don't think I had one with my previous two.

I woke up this morning went to the loo and wiped and there was fresh blood, not much at all and not even certain if it is internal or external blush

I am sure it isn't anything concerning, have put a pad on and is still clear now so think whatever it is has stopped, it did sting a little when I urinated so may well just be dry (oh dear TMI).

Feel sick but I think that is more due to panic rather than anything else.

35+5 today and DS came at 36+3 so am a little knicker checky (looking for hair that isn't mine) anyway and a little paranoid about every twinge.

Slap in the chops required please.

emjay74 Wed 24-Aug-11 09:32:22

How about a reasuring word instead of a slap? smile

A show is the plug of mucus that is the neck of your cervix stops bugs and stuff getting in (really technical this!).

From what I know you can lose this plug at any point mid-late pregnancy...but with mine it has always been within a few days of labour beginning. Each time (in my experience) it has been old/brown blood however I did have some fresh looking bleeding after a membrane sweep combined with a show.

I would say if you are really concerned or if you have any more bleeding check with MW but otherwise it could be things starting to get ripe and ready grin Exciting!

HTH xx

nunnie Wed 24-Aug-11 14:10:35

Thank you, all seems normal now, no further problems and no unwanted heads in my knickers so far.

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