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Any experience of banking cord blood, especially from London hospitals?

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pecanpie Tue 23-Aug-11 21:59:37

DC3 is due in November, but meanwhile, DD1 is undergoing medical investigation for an unexplained disorder relevant to blood (no significant explanations and all blood tests exhausted) and/or bone marrow (coming up next week). We're hoping that of course nothing untoward is wrong with DD1, but for the first time, we think there might be some benefit in banking cord blood when DC3 is born which could potentially help DD1 if needed.

How do you set this up with the hospital?

How do you find a cord blood bank and get them to work with the hospital?

Any information greatly appreciated.

QTPie Tue 23-Aug-11 22:48:08

Which hospital?

I had DS at J&Ls (now closed) and they had a licencing agreement with a number of Cord Blood Bank providers (including Smartcells, who we decided to use). We still had to set everything up, the MW did all of the blood drawing and helped with the paperwork, husband still had to call the courier. It all worked very well.

I believe the Portland has similar licencing agreements.

If we hadn't had our baby at a hospital with a licencing agreement, then either my husband would have had to draw the blood etc or we would have had to have paid extra for a Phlebotomist to be on call (which Smartcells would have arranged). We would have gone for the latter.

Suggest that you speak to your hospital/MW about this: see what they will permit. Some hospitals may help you out (and draw the blood), others may not even want a private Phlebotomist on the premises (especially if you ended up with a C Section - not sure how the blood could be drawn then....).

Obviously the proof of CBB is in the effectiveness of using it for treatment - which I can't comment on.

If using CBB blood is on the cards for you, is it worth speaking to DS1's Consultant and asking for advice? Maybe - if treatment is imminent - the NHS can be more helpful/accomodating?

Very best wishes for DS1's health and your next birth.


pecanpie Wed 24-Aug-11 12:41:15

Thanks. Very useful advice and food for thought. We will be on the NHS at Royal Free. If we are to take cord blood, I would imagine it is dependent on how the birth goes - easy enough in normal circumstances but if there are problems/baby is in distress, there's going to be more of a focus on sorting things out.

We have a couple more tests to go but have a number of meetings with my consultant's team and DD's consultant well in advance of due date so will discuss with them.

Thanks again!

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