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What Birth Preparations for 2nd child?

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Allyinoz Tue 23-Aug-11 07:11:35

My first was an induction and forceps delivery I found the ante natal classes pretty useless in preparing me. I have so far avoided all classes but would like to know what others have done that helped them get ready. Specifics would be good!!


MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 23-Aug-11 08:29:17

hi ally. smile

I had a long but fine labour with ds. Started contracting on sunday, he was born weds night. Was a hb but had to transfer for mec liquor at about 7cm (4pm on the wed). Pushed for 3 hours. Had tens and gas and air.

The only thing i would hope to happen differently this time is that it night be a bit quicker and happen at home. Mostly so it's less disruptive for ds, i didn't particularly care about the length for me iyswim.

When i got to 40+2 i did the whole hot curry, walking up and down hills and super orgasmic sex to get things going and it seemed to work. So i'll be doing that again. grin

This time i'll go for a walk when i think things are starting to try and make it a bit quicker. Think this will also be a nice way to spend some time with ds and dh before hand.

When things get serious dh will take ds to mils be wait there with him till i need him.

I'm using natal hypnotherapy and a heated birth pool this time...just to see what they are like really as this will probably be my last. sad

I had a good time labouring with ds. So if the hypno and pool can make it even better that is great. If they don't add anything i'll still be happy with tens and g and a (assuming labour isn't drastically different) oh and i used some visualisation last time that helped early on.

I'm re reading ina may gaskin books and one called birthing from within. I really feel these books helped me cope with my long labour last time. I keep trying to do bits of yoga (hard with a toddler but makes me feel good when i do it). Also i'm meant to be doing a bit of perineal massage to minimise tearing. Had a small tear with ds but stitching felt tight.

My game plan last time and this was to avoid pain relief to minimise risk of intervention. So i tried to cultivate a really positive attitude to it all. Reading spiritual midwifery made me convinced that fear could delay or stall labour so i worked on mental and physical things to help labour progress (my biggest worry was induction for being overdue a seems so common do first timers) and it appears to have worked for me. Of course it could all be chance, but i'm willing to believe it was what i did that that seems a more helpfull mindset iyswim?

Do you mind me asking why you were induced? And your plans for pain relief? Etc etc... I am nosey! smile

BikeRunSki Tue 23-Aug-11 08:41:34

I have a vague idea when my due date is.... that is about as prepared as I am - 9 weeks to get it together.

An0therName Tue 23-Aug-11 11:03:32

I also read ina may gaskin - guide to childbirth - wonderful book
also did loads of swimming
planned to stay at home longer - wouldn't apply to you as you had an induction
talked to my friend about birth plans and did a bit of debreif on my previous birth - so I was clearer what I wanted and why - and what I wanted differently
did natal hypnotherapy cds as I found they helped me relax
went on the internet alot....

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