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Big Baby!!!! C-Section?

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KittyDeTour Mon 22-Aug-11 19:47:08

Just come back from anti-natal clinic at the hospital. Am 34 weeks and everything is fine except I have a huge baby! Consultant stated that he weighs around 6lbs and 5oz already and I am a little scared. Had an emergency C-section with my 1st daughter who weighed 8lbs and 10oz because she got stuck and I wasn't able to have her naturally, she was 2 weeks late. 2nd daughter was overdue by 8 days and weighed 6lbs and 7oz but I managed to have her naturally as a VBAC. Even so, I ended up in theatre with a 3rd degree tear. So as you may imagine, am a little daunted at the prospect of having a whopper!!!! I am not suffering from gestational diabetes and am not over weight so am a little confused about the size of this baby!!! Have to go back to see consultant at 38 weeks as although a c-section has been booked for my due date, they need to "go over" things with me. Do you know whether they may bring a C-Section forward or let things run their course? Has this happened to anyone else at all? Thanks very much!!!

MrsHoolie Mon 22-Aug-11 21:37:55

Hi.I would have thought they would book you in for a c section at 38 weeks rather than wait for 40 weeks?

Do you want a c section or another Vbac?

I had 8 scans with DS as my bump was massive. The last scan said he was 9lb and he came out 10lb 6oz and 2ft long,but he did have a small head!
I tried to have a vbac with him but ended up with another section as I didn't dilate past 4cm.

I was given a choice whether to have an ELCS or vbac. I just couldn't decided though!

KittyDeTour Tue 23-Aug-11 06:37:13

Hi there
They didn't find out the size until yesterday as I went in for low fetal movements. Luckily, everything is fine but the size of the baby was detected then. My bump isn't very big yet so it was a surprise for all of us!!! The consultant was adamant they I come in at 38 weeks so I'm wondering if they would bring it forward? Have a mid wife appointment next week so maybe I could discuss it with her. Sounds like you had the same problem that I did with my first poor thing. I was induced but to no avail!!!!

KittyDeTour Tue 23-Aug-11 06:38:01

Oh and BTW I think I would settle for a C-Section!!!!!!

philippas75 Fri 26-Aug-11 15:09:34


I had an ELCS at 39 weeks 9 weeks ago as baby was measuring big and due to a previous 4th degree tear they didn't want (neither did I) to deliver vaginally. She was measuring 6lb 8 + or - 15oz at 34 weeks but all her measurents were at 38-39 weeks then. It was agreed if I went into labour before I could have a section semi electively I.e. When I arrived. Baby was 10lb 15.5 oz so happy I had it.

Could you not ask for a similar arrangement just in case?

KittyDeTour Mon 29-Aug-11 13:59:25

Hi there thanks for your reply. I am thinking about that definately. I am going to the midwife's tomorrow for a check so I will ask them there. I am supposing that they may book me in earlier at the 38 week appointment. Fingers crossed!!! Oh and congratulations on you recent arrival!!!

rachelfruitloop Wed 31-Aug-11 23:26:10

I had a sort of similar experience to yours, DS1 was 9 lbs 12 oz and delivered with forceps as a last resort, leaving me with a third degree tear. Won't go into all the gory details but I was quite traumatised and when I became pregnant again I thought for sure I'd want an ELCS. The consultant midwife was great and assured me that if I did it once (VB), I could do it again, but ultimately left it up to me.

My scan at 34 weeks estimated DS2's weight at nearly 7 lbs. I also didn't have gestational diabetes, big babies are a family tradition! Long story short, because I had already pushed out a big baby, I figured I'd try again, but if it got to be too much the consultant assured me they'd opt for a CS before it was too late. (Not sure what would have actually happened in that instance, but it was the reassurance I needed to hear!)

I delivered DS2 in the birthing pool in under 3 hours from start to finish. Had a couple of stitches for a minor tear. He weighed 11 lbs 2 oz. I was euphoric for days! It was a stark contrast to my first birth experience.

I think it is possible to have a VB with a great outcome. I think you should trust your instincts - as you've had experience of VB and CS, especially. Had I known what to expect with a CS, I probably would have opted for it. The idea of it being calm and scheduled was very alluring.

scarlettlips Thu 01-Sep-11 13:09:01

DD was 9lb 13oz...thank god for cs!

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