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Pain after Caesarian

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Dm2 Tue 23-Oct-01 12:52:21

It's 3 and a half months after my caesarian and I'm still having stomach pain - Is this normal? ie. am I being a wimp??

Batters Tue 23-Oct-01 13:40:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ems Tue 23-Oct-01 13:57:18

Dm2, after caesarean No2, it definitely took longer to heal. If I overdid it, it would ache quite sharply. I did go back after a month or two as I thought perhaps I had an infection, but it was OK. I'd go and get checked for your own peace of mind. Hoovering always used to finish me off, late on when I thought I was better, uses muscles we never knew we had!

Dm2 Tue 23-Oct-01 14:49:01

Thanks for replying. It's a sharp internal ache, higher than the scar. I've still got the strange tingly numbness too (hard to describe - sort of numb on the outside and achey on the inside). I saw my GP at 2 months post-op and she said 'well, of course it hurts' but gave me no idea how long it would go on for and didn't examine me. It doesn't get worse with physical activity but seems worse at the end of the day. Guess I better go back to the GP and be a bit more assertive :)
Arnica's a good idea too - thanks Batters.

Bugsy Tue 23-Oct-01 15:09:27

I get so annoyed by the attitude of some GPs. I can't believe that your GP was so dismissive Dm2. I know nothing about what could be causing your problem, but somehow it doesn't sound right. Could you maybe try seeing another GP at the practice?

Dm2 Tue 23-Oct-01 16:22:12

Bugsy - yes I think I'll try for a different GP at the practice. Hopefully, they'll put my mind at rest.
The reason I posted was that the first GP made me feel as if I was stupid not to expect to be in pain. I've been looking (internet and mags) for info on recovery after caesarian but found nothing that covered more than the first few weeks. So thanks everyone for replying.

Rhiannon Tue 23-Oct-01 21:07:50

Dm2, if it's any help I had numbness with no 1 and it lasted 6 months. With no 2 there was no numbness at all. Try and keep a diary of the pain you get where and when and what you're doing it may help the GP assess you.

Dm2 Sun 04-Nov-01 16:54:18

Okay - it's official - I'm a wimp. According to friendly GP the internal stitches are pulling on muscles which may in turn affect nerves and I should take some paracetemol.

Paula1 Mon 05-Nov-01 11:50:17

Well, at least you've had your mind put at rest.

Rivi Mon 05-Nov-01 19:15:11

Just got round to this one... after niggling pain but not too long/painful for nearly a year I came across a brief article in a womans mag which said that pain for up to a year can be the norm so this eventually put my mind at rest. 16 months later and I really don't get anything worth mentioning just a bit of tight kind of pulling like at the moment and with me it's always on the line I don't recall this kind of feeling with my first c-section. Anyway it certainly wasn't bad/long enough to take painkillers just a bit worrying til I read the article.

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