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Preparing for cs - when did the hospital go through it with you?

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PrincessScrumpy Thu 18-Aug-11 21:00:26

I had a consultant app today. It was always going to be difficult as I have been having apps every fortnight due to twin pg and the consultant's team wasn't in today so I was booked to see a different consultant team. MWs said they wouldn't be happy but my consultant told them I needed the app and my care came above hospital politics. I'm 35w and in 2 weeks' time am booked for cs. This app was to sign consent for cs and go through cs details.

Consultant refused to see me so I was sent to labour ward to see registrar. MW up there was lovely, reg came in, listed possible problems and asked me to sign consent. He asked if I had questions and I started to ask and he said to ask again at my pre-op app (which I didn't have booked). He left and I burst into tears. Having never had an operation before, I'm scared and all my knowledge is from the internet so I wanted to know my hospital's proceedures as I know they are different depending on where you go. MW was lovely but didn't want to give me the wrong info. She called the clinic I should have been at and they asked me to go down to them. Dh and I did and we were quizzed "why are you booked for cs on 2nd Sept?!" Errr because that's the date the consultant gave me confused. "Oh right, well here's your pre op app" (3 days before op) and you should have an MRSA swab today. They then went on to make me feel guilty for not being at the proper clinic (not my fault - clinic was closed and consultant wanted it to remain the same due to growth scan needing to be 2 weeks apart).

Basically I left feeling really upset and unclear what will happen. Feel that because I'm having an ELCS they think I've chosen it so know all about it. I did choose cs but that was due to numerous reasons and, as it states in my notes, it is mainly down to it being safest for my babies.

Sorry for long rant - I know EMCS don't get much of a talk through it all but I thought I would and 3 days before op seems to be leaving it rather late when more than 50% twins arrive before 37w.

Furball Fri 19-Aug-11 05:58:32

A similar sort of thing happened to me - although I only had the 1 baby!

I had to have an EC due a previous medical condition. I went for an appointment and they were very blase about things. They apparently were completely chocca for the next 4 weeks and couldn't book me in til after my due date. hmm

I reluctantly made the future appointment for the op, went home - that evening my waters broke. (but labour never started)

I went straight in, was monitored overnight and had the op (I was awake) the following morning.

I think because (only some obviously) of the staff are doing this day in day out they sort of forget that little ole us need info, we need re assuring and no actually we don't know that this is the way it's done.

It should all come out in the wash (so to speak) as when it happens they will tell you what is happening and what is going to happen. (although that doesn't help with your thoughts now)

The op will be fine, - will you be awake? as obviously it will be different to if you are knocked out completely.

I know you've read loads of blurb on the web - but I thought this page was really informative smile

PrincessScrumpy Fri 19-Aug-11 20:56:01

Thank you - yes I'll be awake (hopefully but I do have low bp even with twins on board so that might affect things).

harrygracejessica Sat 20-Aug-11 23:36:16

My first was a singleton and saw the consultant who decided he was coming out the next morning t 39+1 due to such bad SPD they didnt want to damage me more, ran through things and that was it but saw the anaethatist in the morning to talk and sign form smile

2nd was going to be booked for 37 weeks as was twins but only got to 33+3 so as i had lready had one section got a small tlk on the risks, signed form and had them after steroids had tken affect smile

3rd (4 months ago) 36+5 went in for a pre op for more twins which was booked for 37+6 had a full talk, bloods taken, signed form etc, left hospital and an hour later my waters went so went straight back in and had them 4 hours later lol.

To be honest at the pre op they tend to go through what could go wrong, sign the form and they do answer questions. I find that as people can find out so much more online and through friends thy dont think people will hve questions!

PrincessScrumpy Sun 21-Aug-11 19:08:25

I signed the forms but the person just listed what could go wrong then I signed. When I asked questions he said to wait until pre-op appointment in two weeks. I've know from 16weeks that it'll be a cs and have done the research but all hospitals are different so I wanted to know about a few specifics - like policy on skin to skin etc and what aftercare I can expect.

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