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Could this be prelabour?

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emoo777 Thu 18-Aug-11 07:50:13

I am 38+4 and have had BH for a good few weeks (second child) but last night had constant back pain - thought I had strained it but the level stayed the same whatever position I was in. During the night I had back ache / period type pains all night and the occasional painful contraction but nothing worth timing. Only slept 1 1/2 hours. I had a really long stop-start labour last time (back to back, 5 minute apart contractions for 3 1/2 days). Am really worried I am in for another long haul. Daughter was 6 days late. Just wondering whether other people kicked off with back pain / period type pains of whether this could just be my IBS. Also looking for some words of encouragement as am knackered and have to look after a toddler!

MonaPomona Thu 18-Aug-11 09:06:02

emoo you have my sympathies - I am due next Friday - I was sick last night at 10pm and then endured 3 hours of what felt more like contractions and felt really wired and awake (freaking out because I've not put the pool up yet) before finally falling asleep only to be woken at 5.20am my ds (aged 3). Urgh. And have invited my parents for lunch to thank them for helping us move house last month so have 2 hours of cooking ahead - good timing.
My water birth book says pre labour can occur for days before birth - but I'm not sure why I was sick, is this part of pre labour too? Was not sick with ds. At least my parents will play with ds today - have you anyone who can mind your LO while you rest up?

hayesgirl Thu 18-Aug-11 09:12:28

I have been like this since Sunday! So annoying! Had a really easy pregnancy and everyone has commented how I've taken everything in my stride and never whinged however I was due 14th so now 4 days over - really fed up now!

Had a sweep on Monday which cranked up the contractions so really thought I wasn't far off - then they stopped entirely - now back to almost constant back ache, and sometimes quite strong period pains with very occasional contractions!

Just want it to get started already!

emoo777 Thu 18-Aug-11 09:21:08

Wow, sounds similar. I have been feeling sick too and never had this last time. Could be lack of sleep / exhaustion. My mother is on her way up, which is great. Currently using Cbeebies as a babysitter - naughty but necessary. Of course all signs have stopped, which although I wasn't expecting to go into labour for at least another week, I am frustrated about as was gearing myself up! This has reminded me to sort those last little jobs out.
Surely your parents won't mind if you don't spend 2 hours cooking under the circumstances? My parents-in-law are coming tomorrow and I am going to take them out for lunch as it is less tiring than cooking & washing up. Is this an option? It is still treating them. Otherwise, optimally, would they cook to give you a rest and you can do the thankyou lunch another time?

emoo777 Thu 18-Aug-11 09:25:10

Hayesgirl - just saw your post. It is frustrating isn't it? Sometimes when things slow down it feels like maybe you were imagining it all along. At least there are signs there so you are probably on your way.

hayesgirl Thu 18-Aug-11 10:41:15

Let's hope so! I've just about done every job in my house, washed and ironed every item of clothing and vacuumed every inch of the house and am now getting very bored! I've started pacing the house like animals do in the zoo smile

emoo777 Thu 18-Aug-11 19:21:47

Well, as I suspected everything has ground to a halt. Funny as I wasn't expecting anything for a week and a half but am now warmed up to the idea and feeling impatient! I guess I now need to use this as motivation to do every job in the house myself.
Any news from you guys?

MonaPomona Thu 18-Aug-11 21:08:24

all quiet on the baby front here too - phew, have so much to get done before it arrives. At least we tried out inflating the pool today and it takes less than 10 mins so I can tick that off the list.

emoo777 Fri 19-Aug-11 10:36:52

Nothing happened over night so resigned to being pregnant for a while longer and trying to use the time to get a bit more ready. I had forgotten how much of a marathon this can be, rather than a sprint!

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