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TMI, question 4 weeks after c section

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lizandlulu Wed 17-Aug-11 16:53:06

i finished bleeding about a week ago, that was very random bleeding, some days lots with clots, next day hardly anything.
now i have a discharge that smells awful. its not alot, maybe a teaspoon full in a day, but it is jellyfied and smells almost rancid/rotton.
i went to the gp today as my wound was infected, now it isnt, its just moist from my belly hanging over it (sounds delightful doesnt it!) and the doctor isnt going to do anything with it as it is so much better than it was. it leaked gunk for 3 weeks. it doesnt leak any more and does feel alot better but still sore.

so what i want to know is, does anyone else have this horrible discharge? the gp said its nothing to worry about, buti cant see how anything that smells like this can be normal.

Vajazzler Wed 17-Aug-11 16:55:06

I had that after my last c-section. At my 6 week check my GP asked if i was still bleeding/having discharge and if it smelt offensive. When i said yes he diagnosed a womb infection and gave me antibiotics

lizandlulu Wed 17-Aug-11 17:13:10

did that clear it up?
i have got to have a post natal check but not for another 4 weeks. the doc did say if it got worse then to go back, but didnt say anything about if it carried on as it is

Vajazzler Wed 17-Aug-11 18:25:50

Yes it did. I cant remember what i was prescribed but it wasnt the bog standard amoxycillin. If your bleeding/discharge is smelly then IMO thats a problem and leaving unchecked for 4 more weeks isnt an option.
You could ask your gp to take a swab and get it checked for infection. Did the doctor check your temperature? That would also give a clue to infection.

lizandlulu Wed 17-Aug-11 18:33:50

i have the health visitor coming tomorrow morning so will ask her advise too.

if its still there in a few days i will make another appointment to see the doctor. she did say about doing a vaginal swab if it wasnt any better.

no she didnt check my tep, just said if i feel feverish to go back

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