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Can you help me with some questions for VBAC consultant

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tinky19 Wed 17-Aug-11 15:02:54

Hi, I'm seeing the VBAC consultant in less than 2 weeks and I have just moved so this hospital and its procedures are completely new to me. This is what I have so far:

What will happen if I go over due again? (if I get to +16 days again?)

Will the midwives give me earlier (38/39 weeks) sweeps to help get things going?

Will I have a scan at 34/36 weeks to check babies position (DS was back to back)

What monitoring will the hospital do of the baby once I’m in labour?

Would I be able to have a water birth?

Would I be able to be mobile during labour i.e. birthing ball, kneeling, walking positions (I found having to lie on my back for DS labour very uncomfortable and was just desperate to move around but not allowed because of induction drip)

How long will I be allowed to labour for before another EMCS is deemed necessary? (1st and 2nd stages)

Will I be allowed skin to skin contact if baby is born by EMCS?

How long will I have to stay in hospital if VBAC goes well? If I end up having another EMCS?

Can you think of any more??

Gillybean73 Wed 17-Aug-11 23:58:49

Only you know what is important to you and therefore know what you will need to ask.

But I just wanted to mention regarding the skin to skin contact if baby is born by EMCS - do not let them tell you that you cannot have this. I ended up having to have a section because my DS was breech and I was in floods of tears right before they gave me the spinal because a very rude consultant told me 'it was not possible or practical' to have skin to skin with section babies.

One of the other doctors/nurses saw how upset I was by this and after my DS was out and checked for breathing, she brought him over to me and tucked him down the top of my theatre gown :-) He was quite high up to my neck because of the section drapes etc so I couldn't really see him as he was under my chin if you know what I mean but it was really nice being able to cuddle him like that and start bonding. It's your baby and your delivery and don't let them railroad you. I think a lot of them are so insensitive because they deliver hundreds of babies every year and forget that for most of us, it's a once or twice in a LIFETIME event!!

Don't let them ruin it for you and good luck x

petaluma Thu 18-Aug-11 00:18:23

I'm in the uncertain position of not knowing whether I'll have a vbac or an elcs due to a more complicated situation (hosp policy =vbac, if scan at 34 weeks reveals placenta still low = els)

However, i have been told...

I won't be induced
I won't be allowed to go over due date
I won't be allowed to be in labour for more than 5 hours

So odds look like elcs or emcs really

My last never engaged, went 10 days overdue, sweep and first inducement pessary didn't work, didn't dilate. Second inducement pessary made contractions come on very quickly but apparently i wasn't in labour as my waters hadn't broken. 7 hours later after heart rate kept dropping, emcs and ds's cord was wrapped round his neck.

To cut a long story short, your questions look pretty comprehensive. Just ask about the induction thing though, if you go overdue.

Good luck.

tinky19 Thu 18-Aug-11 09:12:42

Thanks for your replys.
Gilly DS was born by emcs and he was wisked away to be tidied up and then given straight to DH. Of course daddy time is important but I was a bit miffed. DH was then told by mw to but nappy on before passing to me.
petaluma I have been told I wont be having another induction (I would refuse anyway as last time was hell) but I'm convinced I'm going to be over due again so do you think they'll give me a elcs date if nothings happening?

Poledra Thu 18-Aug-11 09:18:37

tinky, not so much a question but some information - if you want a water birth, but they're very insistent on continuous monitoring, ask them if they have telemetric wireless monitors, as these can be used in water. And don't necessarily take the consultant's word for it - with DD3 (second VBAC), the cons admitted himself that he didn't know about wireless monitors and called in hte head of midwives to get the correct information. To be fair, he was acutally a Foetal Medicine Cons, and didn't actually deliver that many babies!

Actually, getting input from the Head of Midwives is a good idea anyway, as they are often more up-to-date with what has and hasn't happened in the hospital before.

Best of luck with it!

(PS I was induced with DD3, with a synto drip, which I much preferred to a elcs, but that policy varies from hospital to hospital. And I had already had a VBAC with DD2 also).

larrygrylls Thu 18-Aug-11 09:30:59

Hi Tinky,

My wife had a successful VBAC of our second son, albeit ending with forceps in a rather "exciting" way. To answe your questions (at least as we were told):

If you get to due date +10-14 (depending on area and whether they are prepared to scan you over last few days) you will be given a CS.

Sweeps are quite random affairs (and I think make very little difference to outcome). I think that most midwives will be pretty flexible about this and give you an earlier sweep if you would like it.

Most hospitals will insist on constant monitoring once in "established labour". However, the definition of established labour tends to vary depending on area and how busy the hospital is at the time (that is obviously not official policy!)

You should be able to be relatively mobile but the wires do get in the way. Ask your birthing partner or midwife to help keep the monitor in place so you can concentrate on doing what you want. I believe that wireless monitors do now exist, but not on the NHS.

No to water birth due to the monitor.

They normally want you to progress at approximately 1cm/hour. This is very rough, though. I think that if there is no progression after a few hours, they will encourage you to go to CS. I think that once the cervix is fully dilated, uterine rupture ceases to be an issue so the 2nd stage would be determined by how you and the baby were doing. In any event, once you get to 2nd stage they would attempt an "instrumental" delivery (I know, sounds gruesome) before a CS.

You should get skin to skin with CS. They should bring the baby over and place him on you. Clearly it is somewhat determined by the state of you and your baby. Certainly, my wife cuddled our second son within 3 minuted of him being born (and I have the pics to prove it!)

If the VBAC goes really well, you should be out same day. My wife was in overnight as our son was born late pm and there was some blood loss. With a CS, it is normally about 3 days but, if you look at threads on here, some have managed quicker.

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