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Episiotomy repair?

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Emmac229 Tue 16-Aug-11 23:31:01


i had my DS almost 11 months ago, he is my first child, i had a ventouse delivery with an episiotomy. i dont know how bad i was cut i remember asking how many stitches i was getting and the doctor told me "one big long one" so dont actually know which degree it was.

the scar healed fine although i still have trouble using a tampon and sex is a no-no! i am going to book an appointment with my GP, but i just want to know what to expect? will she take a look at it or will she refer me to a specialist?

Flisspaps Tue 16-Aug-11 23:35:09

I'd imagine that the GP will take a look, but you should definitely ask to be referred to a specialist in perineal trauma. I don't know if they class episiotomies in terms of degrees in the same way as tears, AFAIK they're just considered as one category unless they extend into a tear.

first1 Wed 17-Aug-11 00:09:57

From my experience of perineal probs, your gp in the first instance might try topical oestrogen to make the skin more supple and help with vaginal dryness. Also topical steroid creams but as you say the scar has healed. But as you're 11m postnatal I'd imagine that the problems you're having aren't that superficial anymore and may require seeing a gynae as you may have been sewn too tight. Are you in London? If so might I recommend you ask for a refferal to the perineal clinic, urogynaecology department at st georges hospital. The department is led by Michelle fynes who really is the top top expert teaching other surgeons and doctors about these issues. I went back to her for a refashioning of my tear. I cant recommend her enough. In fact two other women I know I've sent to her!

25babalou Wed 17-Aug-11 08:30:37

I had very similar problems after my episiotomy with DD. Initially had problems with wound break down but eventually all settled, although having sex was too painful. Went to my GP was 3yrs down the line but anyway she referred me to a gynae surgeon, who performed a perinium z-plasty, basically a revision of my perinium. This time there was no problems with healing or pain at all. Currently 33 wks with DD2 so hoping don't have any futher probs with tears or episiotomies! Hope you get sorted.

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