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a stupid question about elcs

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worldgonemad72 Tue 16-Aug-11 21:58:52

I know im being daft and i'll probably feel the same as i did with my other 2 children, but i cant help worrying. ive had 2 emergency sections, this is my last baby and i will more than likely go for an elective c section. Will i still get that rush of love i got with the other 2, with both of them it was all such a rush and a sense of relief they were ok, im just worrying that because its planned, i wont get that same feeling. Yes feel free to give me a slap smile

lockets Tue 16-Aug-11 22:02:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QTPie Tue 16-Aug-11 22:58:30

I can't compare (only one DC - ELCS), but I felt blessed relief (when knew he was ok - saw him come out, heard the crying) and it was the most amazing day of my life.... Wouldn't change it for the world and if I am lucky enough to have another DC, it will be another ELCS.

worldgonemad72 Wed 17-Aug-11 06:25:57

Thanks, as soon as id typed it i was thinking i sound really daft. Been reading up on elcs and most people foundthem a lovely and calm experience. Ive still got a way to go yet (im 11 weeks) and im not sure if my local hospital encourages a vba2cs but i will find out. Thanks again

nunnie Wed 17-Aug-11 11:37:09

I have had 1 VBAC and 1 EMCS and I personally have had the same rush after both, as I am worrier so seeing a healthy baby whether it comes out vaginally or through the cat flap fills me with relief.
Should say I still had that rush even though I had to have a GA with DS so didn't actually get to see him straight after he was taken out of me, but he was there with my DH when I was brought round and it was a fantastic feeling to see them both.

Not a daft question at all by the way.

Lovethesea Wed 17-Aug-11 12:50:52

I had a far greater sense of joy at my elcs seeing DS than I did at DC1's forceps nightmare birth. With DC1 I was very afraid for her given their concerns on her oxygen levels and paediatricians checking her over. I was in shock at the whole birth and exhausted, in pain and traumatised from being ignored by the mw for the previous 6 hours of labour when I told her it wasn't right.

With DS he yelled once hauled out, was 8lb8 and clearly in a good shape to arrive at 39 weeks. Once that was establised I was able to enjoy him utterly, out of pain, knowing I'd never have to go through childbirth again. Bliss. The roll and jam tasted amazing too.

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