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Mr Fernando at the Lindo Wing

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LittleSquirt Mon 15-Aug-11 22:15:41


I have just booked to see this consultant at the Lindo Wing at St Mary's hospital in London. I have googled him but can't find any information on him at all (beyond studies, etc...). Has anyone been under his care? I know that he also works at the Portland.

Any info gratefully recieved!

LittleSquirt Tue 16-Aug-11 14:08:43


cardamomginger Tue 16-Aug-11 23:47:18

I was referred to him for investigation of birth injuries. I only saw him twice, so I can't say that much about him, but he was very nice, calm and sensible. My main gynae, Mr Khullar, is extremely nice and diligent and I am sure he wouldn't have referred me to see Mr Fernando unless he was quite sure of his expertise (I'm getting all this dealt with privately so could have been referred to anyone). I don't have any experience of him antenatally. Hope that helps!

LittleSquirt Thu 18-Aug-11 08:39:43

Thanks a lot cardamomginger, it does help as you seem to be the ONLY person I have found who has met him!! :-) I am also waiting to hear back from Mr Teoh's secretary at the moment so I will go with one of them.

Thanks again and I hope any issues you had are fully sorted now!

cardamomginger Thu 18-Aug-11 09:37:28

smile. Good luck! Don't know Mr Teoh. But Mr Khullar is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC, so if seeing him was an option for what it is that you need, I'd recommend him too. He's also at Mary's on the NHS. X

ChristinedePizan Thu 18-Aug-11 09:40:08

Mr Teoh was my consultant (NHS, not on the Lindo wing, but I was an exciting and interesting case so I got lots of time with him) and he is very nice. Really reassuring, kind and has a sense of humour. He is very good at explaining things and allowing you to weigh up your options

Deeonline Tue 04-Oct-11 12:30:33

dont know if you have already made a decision but I had my dd with Mr. Khullar earlier this year and I will agree with cardamomginger, he is fan-bloody_tastic! he was really approachable, patient and explained all procedures and steps before we did anything. it turned out to be a very dramatic event (I developed pre-eclampsia) but we all felt reassured under his care. He is GREAT and I cant recommend him enough!

good luck!

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