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Consultant appointment went well.

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nunnie Mon 15-Aug-11 14:10:01

Saw the Consultant and Consultant anaethatist after my sca. Placenta has moved away from cervix so medically no reason for a section. However as I am petrified of similar happening to last time we have all agreed ELCS at 39 weeks. If labour before then to have a trial labour.

Still not written in blood but have appointment at 38 weeks to have pre bloods and final chat.

Both Consultants were very understanding and very helpful and seemed to understand my fears. In fact the anaethatist told me what I was afraid of rather than me telling her which was helpful because if I had to put myself through it all again I think I would have broken down.

Not very itneresting I know sorry.

fruitybread Mon 15-Aug-11 14:25:37

I am interested! That's really good news, I'm glad you posted - I know you were very anxious about it all, and it sounds like you have been treated well by the consultants. I hope you feel a bit more peaceful now.

cardamomginger Mon 15-Aug-11 14:48:09

Well done nunnie! Not posted on this before, but have been following your thread and thinking of you. So pleased that you got the outcome you wanted. Good luck and hope you can relax and have a bit of peace and quiet now. X

nunnie Mon 15-Aug-11 16:19:01

Thank you, I do feel a bit more relaxed and they appeared to really listen which for some reason I didn't expect them too blush

Thank you for all your support on here couldn't have got through the last few weeks in one piece if it wasn't for lovely MN.

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