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getting a homebirth after 42 w

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iskra Mon 15-Aug-11 09:42:24

Just pondering things before I see my midwife next week & can ask her. I went into labour spontaneously with DD1 at 42 w & attempted a homebirth. My midwife team & consultant had agreed that pending scanning & monitoring, I could go to 43 w & still have a homebirth. I've since moved & have different care providers in this pregnancy. I know that going late first time is no guarantee that I will go late this time, but just thinking it over - it wasn't an issue at all first time round (pro-homebirth team), not sure what the attitude is like where we are now. Interested to hear other people's thoughts & experiences.

owlbooty Mon 15-Aug-11 10:24:18

Technically, they can't stop you delivering at home if you want to, even after 42 weeks although as you say, support for this seems to vary wildly by area. I'm 41+ at the moment and have had this same discussion with my MW. They will send someone - they have to, even if they aren't happy about it, although my MW seemed untroubled by the idea of attending at 42+. My feeling is that the monitoring is the key thing though; then at least you have your own peace of mind that the baby is okay in there. Good luck!

nannyl Mon 15-Aug-11 23:10:37

I have my homebirth booking appt tomorrow so going to ask my midwife what the policy is.

Also the hospital dates are earlier than my dates, and due to charting, OPKing and clear blue fertility monitor i know my dates are correct, and baby cannot possible have been concieved before I ovulated!!!!

I will certainly not be consenting to induction at 42 weeks and i WILL be going my MY dates, not theirs!

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