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was your second labour/childbirth better or worse than the first?

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limason Sat 13-Aug-11 20:19:26

having been through it once, I thought I knew what to expect, but keep hearing how second time around is completely different from the first. So now that I'm over the half way point (23 + 1) I'm starting to get a bit worried about what to did your second time around go? was it the same, better, worse, shorter, longer, more painful, less painful? I had a normal birth the first time around, after being induced twice with gel, having my waters broken for me, and finally successfully induced on a drip but now worrying about what might happen this time around!! Eeeeeek!!

chimchar Sat 13-Aug-11 20:24:23

First one was horrific! 23 odd hours, huge tear, swelling, stitches etc after 8lb baby.

Second time was 3 hours beginning to end... Very intense, but over quickly. Slight graze, 10lb pudding of a baby!

Third wasn't so easy, but straightforward and much longer.

You'll be fine! Good luck.

crazykat Sat 13-Aug-11 20:45:07

My first two were pretty much the same, first one was 5 hours 4 mins with 8 minutes of pushing and a graze. Second was 8 hours with 7 minutes of pushing and a graze, third was just under five hours but 35 minutes of pushing and a small graze.

The only real difference was the time of day with first and third starting just as I'd got comfy in bed and the second started at five am. And DH (then DP) made it for the second and third time.

It's true what they say that every labour is different but IMHO second time around was slightly easier because I wasn't as clueless as I was first time and had a rough idea what was coming. I did freak out when I got to about 35 weeks and it dawned on me what I'd got myself into.

crazykat Sat 13-Aug-11 20:45:43

Ment to add congratulations and you'll be fine

MynameisnotEarl Sat 13-Aug-11 20:53:56

My second was so much quicker and easier than the first.

It felt completely different - I wasn't even sure I was in labour until I had a show, the contractions felt in a different place and were so much more efficient.

When it was over, I actually felt as though I could have done it all over again, it was quite enjoyable smile

Hope yours is similarly pleasant.

Traylo2girls Sat 13-Aug-11 21:06:23

My 1st was 12hours, 7lb 4oz baby i was high as a kite and felt rough as anything for 2days after. 2nd time i was told i was not in labour - no proper contractions just horrid backache(baby was back to back) 2 hrs after first ache i had dd2 who was 9lb 2oz no pain relief got up went for shower came back had tea and toast and went home. It was fab! I loved the experience and feel quite sad i wont get to experience it again (we have decided 2 is where we are sticking) xx

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