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Where to buy silicone strips in London

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BellaBells Thu 11-Aug-11 22:05:45

I have just had an EMCS and would like to buy some silicone strips to put on the scar. I've found a few online places but really wanted to purchase them from a store myself. And does anyone know any good support pants/bands? TIA

Gillybean73 Fri 12-Aug-11 01:25:57

Can't help you with the silicone strips but the best thing by far for healing scars and minimising the final look of a scar is to put Manuka Honey on a dressing next to the scar. It is amazing stuff for healing any scars, spots, open wounds etc and you'll be amazed at the results. It's actually the only thing I believe that kills the MRSA bug and loads of doctors and hospitals are starting to realise the benefits of it and are using it on some patients.

Ordinary honey won't work though it has to be proper Manuka Honey from New Zealand because of the active agents in it and you can buy it online or in most Health Food shops like Holland and Barrett etc. If you google Manuka honey, it's unbelievable what some people have used it on and the results they've had. I swear by it and my friend's son has had hundreds of surgeries because of a medical condition and they always put it on his wounds and his scars are great. It's pretty pricey but a jar will last a long time if you are just using for it medicinal purposes and not eating it - it does taste pretty damn good too though!

RSM1 Fri 12-Aug-11 06:38:39

I'm preparing for a c-section in two weeks, and I've looked into this. I've seen silicone scar therapy, made by Lily-C on the shelf in mothercare, jojo, and boots. I've ordered these c-panty pants too. Not sure if they work, but would love to hear feedback or suggestions from others.

BellaBells Fri 12-Aug-11 09:55:17

Thanks ladies. Never heard of using the honey! Will definitely give that a go, not sure if I'll resist not trying some before hand.
I have also seen the Lilly C online but wasn't aware boots sold them. I will try and find a branch that has them. I've also come across GelZone wrap, it's a support wrap which also has silicone but I can only see it online. And it's about £60?!

Gillybean73 Fri 12-Aug-11 16:36:35

Save your money BellaBells and go with the honey. Trust me, if you google it I guarantee you it's the only thing you'll get great results on your scar with. I can't see you getting the same results with your GelZone wrap! Your C-section scar will heal up and shrink to hardly visible with the Manuka honey. Good luck and enjoy your new babies ladies.

MerylStrop Fri 12-Aug-11 16:38:42

I agree with the Manuka Honey recommendation - it will seem like a lot of money for honey - but it is superb for healing in my experience.

QTPie Fri 12-Aug-11 23:28:23

Ask your OB?

I have heard amazing things about Manuka Honey too, but I would be loathed to put it on a fresh CS wound without support from an OB. But maybe I am just a coward (visions of turning up at A&E with an incredibly sticky, infected mess of a wound and trying to explain it....).


TIDDLYMUM Fri 12-Aug-11 23:31:07

Will it work on my nasty burn marks which are looking to scar quite badly. I dropped an oven shelf on my arm a few weeks ago sad ouch

Gillybean73 Sat 13-Aug-11 12:17:27

yes it will absolutely work on burns too. I dated a medical rep a while ago and he specialised in Manuka honey dressings so I know a wee bit about this.

QTPie - absolutely no risk at all in putting it on wounds, many doctors are now doing this and it is the only thing that works on MRSA. Google it if you don't believe me as to how miraculous a product this is.

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