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Elective C section after emergency 1st time - what do I need to know and any tips.

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Mrsdp123 Thu 11-Aug-11 12:21:30

I had an horrendous time first time round and I ended up with an 8 pint blood transfusion and a 10 day stay in hospital..I am seeing the Consultant next week (at nearly 33 weeks, quite late in my opinion but the Midwives "forgot" to book me into the hospital computer sytem...bodes well doesn't it...) I have a list of questions for the Consultant as I want to have an elective C section this time but as the last time was a bit of a blur what do I need to know and what should I be asking him - also does anyone have any tips on what to pack in your hospital bag, how long I could be in (QEH in Woolwich..hmmm). Thanks.

Mrsdp123 Thu 11-Aug-11 12:23:08

Oh and should I have a birth plan - something more advanced than: cut, sew, don't kill

babycham42 Thu 11-Aug-11 12:28:00

This time you can make sure you have knickers that won"t sit right on the incision.I was in 48 hours for both.

verybusybear Thu 11-Aug-11 14:07:57

I've learned the hard way that an EMCS the first time doesn't mean they'll necessarily give you an ELCS second time. That said, what happened to you was clearly quite serious and a more extreme case than mine, so hopefully you'll have no bother.

If I was you though I'd be prepared to list the reasons why you want an ELCS. These should include 'physical' ones - ie not wanting the same thing to happen again, risk of wound rupture etc. However, if this isn't enough for them also be prepared to go through how distressed / traumatised you were by the experience and how you don't think you could go through a VBAC for fear of the same thing happening. Sometimes if they won't give you an ELCS for 'medical' reasons, they still will for psychological ones.

You could ask what kind of anaesthetic you'll have, what will happen to baby once born - straight to you or your partner?

As for your hospital bag - plenty of baby clothes! I took lots of snacks and fizzy drinks for when the hospital food wasn't up to much! Don't know if you'll be bottle or breast feeding? If bottle, then check whether they provide them, as if not you'll need to take a massive supply of your own. Other than that - flip flops to use in the shower in case it's a bit mucky in there! I took lots of dettol wipes for when I used the toilet / sinks as well!

Good luck.

MrsZB Thu 11-Aug-11 14:18:32


I hope your appointment goes well.

I am due to have an elective c section in about three weeks and I have made a very brief birth plan. It just includes about wanting to have skin to skin asap, wanting to meet baby before it is cleaned (last time my son was whisked off and I met him an hour later when he was washed and dressed which, once I was over the initial trauma, really upset me).

I have requested that my husband stays with the baby at all times. I have also just stated that breastfeeding is very important to me and a couple of things specific to that (as I have gestational diabetes and if the baby has low blood sugar it may need formula top ups).

Anyway best of luck smile

MrsZB Thu 11-Aug-11 14:19:50

Oops, I meant to add that there are loads of posts on elective sections in this forum so well worth having a browse through. I have found it really helpful reading other people's experiences and fears etc.

Mrsdp123 Thu 11-Aug-11 17:47:50

Thanks all. Have been having a good read through - and am definitely heading down the psychological route. It took me three years to even consider having another child.

Poppet45 Thu 11-Aug-11 19:52:23

Goodness you poor thing, that sounded like an awful labour. Can I ask if the blood loss was due to a PPH? If it is then don't use the argument that you're scared that the same thing will happen again so want an elective, because actually the risks of it happening again are ever so slightly elevated with a section than with a VBAC. I had a PPH and was told that my risks of it happening again this time are tripled if I have a VB (because I bled last time), but they quadruple with an elective section, and go up nine-fold with an emergency section. I used this stat to fight to get a VBAC attempt that minimises my risk of an emcs by letting me stay active and use the pool. I definitely think you would get an elective if you cite psychological factors though - I found my bleed utterly terrifying and the nearest I've ever come to dying and while it was classed as a major PPH it was no where near as bad as yours.

Helzapoppin Thu 11-Aug-11 22:19:29

Hello. I had my second baby on Monday by elective C/S following a first emergency section for foetal distress (prior to labour, probably due to dodgy placenta, who knows?!). It was a really positive experience and I can't tell you how different it was from my first section.

Had no trouble whatsoever getting agreement for a second section. I can't recall much about my first section either. I waited for the pre-op appointment on Friday to ask all the 'procedural' questions as I wanted them to be fresh in my mind and the midwife and anaesthetist both spent a long time with me discussing my queries and concerns so I felt really well supported.

I went in on Monday morning, baby was out by eleven thirty and I came home just after lunchtime on Tuesday (could have stayed longer but wanted to be at home). I've had no pain but some discomfort and am now just on paracetamol (but took the oromorph in hospital, as it was lovely!). I packed for a five day stay so most stuff went unused but I'd say the things I used most were big (massive) knickers. Needed some big old maternity pads in hospital but out of those now. I also packed lots of loose jersey day clothes as I didn't want to be in pyjamas in the daytime and some proper feeding nighties- not glamourous but you need the easy access. Also took my feeding pillow which was really useful and my own towel as hospital ones are grim. Pack lots of babygros in a couple of sizes.

Best of luck, hope all goes well.
Oh and my birth plan was something along the lines of 'get this one out safely, you are doctors and I trust you (mostly) to know the best thing to do.'

Mrsdp123 Mon 15-Aug-11 15:34:37

Am just writing my list of questions for the Consultant tomorrow morning. My haemorrhage was actually due to the junior doctor not sewing me up properly so I am really hoping that won't happen again! Apparently when i was being stitched up she didn't sew the first layer at the end so I was bleeding internally. You would have thought all the people in the room might have seen the blood seeping out before the next layer was stitched up but no...I just feel mentally if I have a C section I will know who is doing it rather than a VBAC and being passed from pillar to post and mistakes being made again and then possibly ending up with a c section anyway and another trainee...The midwives this time have alread made a few mistakes and I know QEH is busy and under pressure after the closure of the maternity ward in Sidcup so everything just seems to be a bit rushed..
The baby is curently breech as well so hoping that will add to my case!

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