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Will I be allowed in pool if induced? (Or other ways to make induction as positive as possible?)

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PrincessJenga Mon 08-Aug-11 20:12:17

I'm 41+12. The midwives wanted me to be induced today but we've persuaded them to hold off until Wednesday when I'll be 42 weeks (I still feel very well, baby and I were monitored today and are both fine, I feel strongly that baby will come when he's ready and tbh I'd rather avoid induction all together, but I've accepted it needs to happen on Wednesday)

I'd been planning a homebirth but unless baby arrives tonight or tomorrow I won't be 'allowed' one and will have to go to hospital. I'm trying to think of how to make the birth as calm and positive as possible despite the horror stories I've heard about inductions. Does anyone know if I'll be allowed in the birth pool? Or any other ideas for keeping an induction positive?

Thank you.

Boosaphena Mon 08-Aug-11 20:25:25

I think as long as you stay in control it can be really positive. For example I didn't know there can be mobile monitors (so you don't need to lie flat) and water proof ones (so u can go in the pool) I'd like to think if you explained to a mw that you planned a homebirth and want to keep things as calm and non intrusive as poss then they'd respect that and help you achieve that.
Good luck

thefurryone Mon 08-Aug-11 21:01:25

Hi I was induced and would have been allowed into the midwife led unit with use of the pool if I had gone into labour with either the first or second pessary, but I suspect there may be a wide variation in what different hospitals allow.

I didn't so had to go on the drip with continuous monitoring but that doesn't mean you have to go on your back and lie still, I spent a couple of hours on a ball and hanging over the top of the bed.

Hope all goes well.

4madboys Mon 08-Aug-11 21:08:59

i used the pool when i was induced with ds4.

ALL my births were induced as i always went more than 2wks overdue.

i cant have the prostin pecessary asi am allergic to it!

so they broke my waters and for the first 4 births that worked fine, with ds4 they broke my waters, labour started fairly shortly afterwards, i got in the pool and he was born 40mins later, all 10lb 13oz of him without atear! the pool was fabulous, i wanted to have baby no 5 in the pool but for some reason labour didnt get going after they broke my waters, we left it a long time, so i ended up with the drip, i still managed wiht gas and air and had alovely midwife who didnt keep me strapped to the moniter as per protocol so was able to move around etc and had a normal delivery kneeling up smile but the pool was REALLY lovely.

PrincessJenga Mon 08-Aug-11 23:01:07

Thank you ladies. I went in for monitoring today but forgot to ask any of this. I think I'm going to call the community midwives tomorrow and ask what will be possible in hospital. I've had low blood pressure for the last few months which is made worse when I lie on my back so presumably they can't insist I lie down? (Unless they want me to pass out!!) Anything else I should ask? (Apart from 'can I use the pool?' and 'can I stay mobile?')

valbona Tue 09-Aug-11 11:12:42

I was induced (40+13) and had DD on a labour ward. The pool was definitely not an option in my hospital ... However, I laboured very mobile-ly with only gas and air and it was all in all a positive experience. They did try to make me lie down and be monitored FOR AN HOUR when I was about 6/7 cm (which would have been the end of me labouring naturally - I had to be upright, only way to deal with pain) but I basically refused and made them strap the monitor round me while I stood and swayed. We dimmed the lights, brought in our own music and basically got on with it in our own way. Just try to ignore all the scary equipment ... Good luck!

Indaba Thu 11-Aug-11 21:41:49

the term induction covers lots of things.....
most often starts with sweep, then pessiary, then manual water breaking(if apprpriate) then drips
if you go into labour with using just first two actions then no reason why not to be in pool, my midwife was up for me me being in pool after a drip though i hear thats unusual
good luck, have had 3 inductions and all lovely (and no other interventions, stitches etc)

Indaba Thu 11-Aug-11 21:43:54

and yes, you can be mobile as with any other birth up to point of drip I think though I was still standing (though swaying!) after a drip

the immobility comes from any epidural i think

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