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Consultant today, he's recommending vbac. Midwife has said elcs to me previously. What to do?

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fishandlilacs Mon 08-Aug-11 19:53:25

I'm sure theres a million threads on this so I apologise in advance.

I had a EMCS after a 26 hour labour and failed forceps attempt with dd. resulting in horrible infected scarring, too much sirous fluid, 6 days in hospital. birth trauma, PTSD and PND.

I have moved since then so have a different midwife team than before. But my midwife up to this point has discussed nothing but a planned section for me. I have thought this over long and hard and decided that it is the route I want to take.

I see the consultant today and all of a sudden he's talking about vbac and saying in his opinion theres no need to go for a section. Even considering my mental health history.

I am utterly terrified of attempting a natural birth, I am welling up even thinking about it. I have grieved for and put to rest my desire for a natural birth and I was ok with it. Now all of a sudden theres this possibilty that it isn't a done deal. I know a succesful vbac would be better for me and the baby, faster recovery would mean it's better for my family too and if it were a success an lot of emotional healing could come from that. I am in turmoil really.

I have requested an appointment to see a consultant midwife who runs a VBAC clinic who goes more deeply into the notes and circs. I have to wait almost 2 months for that appointment though.

Boosaphena Mon 08-Aug-11 20:32:14

I completely feel for you. I've had 2 nasty 3rd degree tears and was told in no uncertain terms elcs this time. Then I went to see consultant at 23 weeks ish and she suggested I 'give it a go' wtf??? I gave it a go twice and now have severe problems down there. Anyhow I spoke to my mw about it who was horrified and explained that as part of various cut backs they are trying to avoid as many elcs as poss and to encourage more vbs. However in doing this they are not taking each Case on it's merit. If you are at peace with an elcs then I would talk with your mw and ask her to liase with the hospital. In my case the colorectal consultant has written a fairly string worded letter saying it's my best option... Did you get involved with a mental health team? Could they do the same?
It really shouldn't be this hard work and I do feel for you.

fishandlilacs Mon 08-Aug-11 20:43:51

boosa thats a really good idea, i have absolute trust and faith in my pshychiatric nurse who saw me the first time round and has been a constant source of support and care. i am absolutely sure she would fight my corner if it comes to it.

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