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38+2 scared about previous cs scar

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MyBunnyRabbit Sun 07-Aug-11 13:58:19

Not had any probs with scar (18 months ago) other than some stretching pains which hospital said was normal.

But now at 38 weeks over just a few hours I have a lumpy ridge on my tummy about 5 cm above scar, parallel to scar but def separate, further up my tummy.

It's not painful but feels sore if I press it and I sometimes get crampy sharp pain in lower bump if I get up too quickly.

Could this new swollen line be a sign of something bad happening to my internal scar?

ANy advice or experience? Feel stupid going to hosp as not in pain, and to anyone else it just looks like my clothes have been rubbing my belly but I know It's not that.

Lulumama Sun 07-Aug-11 14:04:27

you don't have to be in pain to be concerned ! Why not call labour ward and ask for some advice? you won't relax until you've spoken to someone and been reassured, so just give them a ring smile

ChocaMum Sun 07-Aug-11 20:18:07

It is probably the parallel scar on your womb you can now feel as unless you're very pregnant you wouldn't be able to feel this. Your MW is always at the other end of the phone so give them a call if you're worked. Hope everything goes ok for you.

nunnie Mon 08-Aug-11 15:52:00

I have had similar concerns about my scar and have gone to GP and they have referred me for check at hospital all clear been given there. Doesn't stop me worrying when I get a pain round my scar again. If you are worried then do ask for advice. My scar isn't even a year old and won't be when baby arrives so I panic with every twinge.

mrsaligee Tue 09-Aug-11 12:45:07

Right there with you nunnie, I'm 31+1 and have pain down there if I walk too fast so walk more slowly now

nunnie Tue 09-Aug-11 14:11:50

I am glad I am not the only one, it is very frightening when I get a pain there and I spend the next 10 minutes rooting around in my knickers to check I haven't split open or there is a sign something is wrong, then I insepect the scar in the mirror to see if it looks any different, then all of a sudden I relax, then panic again when I realise that is the external scar and I can't see the internal one.

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