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Don't want a VBAC - am I being a big baby who needs to calm down?

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AlpinePony Fri 05-Aug-11 09:48:24

Had a difficult last pregnancy with HG throughout the entire time. At 36+3 was admitted to hospital with PE (BP 185/125). At 36+5 I was induced and it was horrific, the shtf and both our heartbeats were decelerating - it was a classic 0-60 in 20 minutes type inductions. I managed a massive 1cm dilation before being whipped down for an emcs.

I am now 12 weeks with number two and have been told home birth is not an option. Fine, I am happy with that. However, the country I live in (The Netherlands) seem to be very pro-VBAC (highly monitored) and this is a teaching hospital and also midwife school.

I searched online for local stats and 78% are asked to VBAC, of these approximately 30% end up back with a section and having read stats on this board just the other day - it's likely that 50% of the remaining will have an "assisted delivery". This does not fill my heart with joy.

I don't want a VBAC because my last experience of labour was terrifying - I had wanted a hb and I thought I'd get gentle contractions and I could sit in the bath/face in the fridge/hang over the back of the sofa type thing. I was so scared last time and in so much pain. The medics realised something was very wrong when I was screaming having an internal - not a sweep, just a wee rummage. I am not a wuss with pain and I don't go to the doctor unless something is hanging off and I've popped it in my handbag to be sewn back on.

I'd like to think I was a good candidate for elcs given my "failure to progress" and how very quickly things went seriously wrong and I'm scared that if I attempt to VBAC it will be a repeat performance and it's no bundle of laughs shivering in shock in recovery not knowing whether your child is OK or not.

mumwithdice Fri 05-Aug-11 10:13:47

If the idea of a VBAC scares you and you would prefer an ELCS, then that is what you should receive. The best thing for you to do is what makes you comfortable and not what anyone else thinks you should do. That goes for any woman.

You are not being a baby at all. If anything, you are being very sensible by thinking about this.

Also, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Ushy Fri 05-Aug-11 17:23:33

Stick to your guns, Alpine Pony! Ask to be referred to a different consultant if they won't agree. VBAC results in more baby deaths, more brain damage and more uternie rupture. The NHS tries to force women to go for VBAC without giving full information to keep their c section stats down. The only circumstances where VBAC is best is if a)you want it or b) you are planning a really big family because multiple caesareans are not a good idea.
If you Google RCOG Green Top Birth After Caesarean Section you will get the true facts to arm yourself with.
Good luck!

JasmineDeMilo Fri 05-Aug-11 18:00:30

You are not a baby!! You are having a baby. (OK, bad one)
Seriously though, this is my first and I'm scared of having a vb. So I have opted to have a CS. There is nothing silly about it. You need to be calm through your pregnancy and at peace with your birth options. Do whatever it takes to achieve that. Its your body, your pregnancy and you have to be happy with how things go. Don't do anything that scares yousmile

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