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Epidural advice/information please.

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Viagrafalls Thu 04-Aug-11 11:46:58

Hello, am 36+ a few days (its all a bit blurry) blush still undecided about how or what I'm going to be doing at the birth - I think I want to try and start out in the pool and see if I can hold out, when the pain gets too much and I ask for an epidural what will happen? Obviously I cant stay in the pool but will I have any control over what position I give birth in? Does an epidural mean I will be unable to move at all? Sorry if this seems really obvious but I would love to hear your advice! Thanks very much...

Viagrafalls Thu 04-Aug-11 11:51:06

I've just noticed someone else has helpfully started a thread with a similar question so don't worry!

lilmamma Sat 06-Aug-11 23:05:33

when i had mine,i couldnt get out the bed as i was also wired up to a machine,but im not sure if they have portable ones nw,but as it numbs you below i dont think you would feel your legs it would be safer to stay on the

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