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Due date is hear and I just want to give up!

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MrsVidic Thu 04-Aug-11 07:23:56

I have been told on Tuesday by mw labour should be within 48 hrs as fully engaged with 2nd etc. I wish she would have said nothing as now I feel like a failure. I have no issues so not candidate for induction- I have quick labours but am GBS positive and I just cant cope being preg anymore. I am so depressed! DD who is 2 is getting down too as she knows I'm in pain (sore back and bump no contractions though)
Will they induce me if i beg? Any tips on getting things going?

nebbo Thu 04-Aug-11 12:31:29

Oh sweetheart - I really feel for you.

Babies are pickles and will never do as they are told! and midwives are not psychic so she really can't tell how long it will take for a baby to arrive, she would have just guessed.

Did she give you a sweep? If she didn't call your midwife and see if there is a clinic you can attend to have a sweep or if there is any midwives who provide a post dates clinic that do reflexology.

You can do the usual, long walk, curry, sex.

I would go for a sweep, reflexology and sex in that order to really try and move things along.

I am thinking that maybe if you are occupying yourself with trying to move things along this way you may feel a bit more in control and possibly a bit better about everything.

Is there anyone who can take your other little one for a few hours so you could have a rest and a bit of a sleep as you will need to be saving some energy for labour, it would also do you good to have a bit of time for yourself maybe.

An induction is a really medicalised way to give birth and I would want to avoid that if I were you.

Oh - I do hope you feel better soon x

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