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Kingston or west mid?

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RosesDad Wed 03-Aug-11 22:46:43

We live half way between these two hospitals and are trying to decide which might be best for delivery of our second child due next year.
All advice / comments gratefully received.

ticklebug74 Wed 03-Aug-11 23:17:48

Hi RosesDad,

Had both my DC at Kingston, with 2nd DC spending a week in special care and I can't fault them. Both births and after care great. Antenatal a bit lacking - had to wait over 3 hours for an appointment and think they are generally over stretched. But would not hesitate to go back there for a 3rd (still working on DH about that one!).

Friends have given birth at West Mid and been equally happy although one did feel the postnatal care a bit lacking but went back there for her 2nd so could not have been that bad.

Parking is MUCH MUCH easier at West Mid - just a thought. I get a sweat up at the thought of parking at Kingston :-)

Good luck.

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